Take Two

Take Two

(Madison: WBL # 11)

1. The Final Attack Zone (Wire Bridge)

2. February 2013: Thomas Brown a.k.a. Mr. Consistent snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and literally stole one from Great Britain's Lord Daniel Parrish and Athens' own A.J. Dancing Shoes Meyer as he and the lance head of the line swept past the two daring (but dying) escape artists less than 100 meters from the finish line in this past Saturday's 55nine-Lexus South Madison Classic. Thomas's dramatic win was due in large part to the heroic efforts of celebrity photog and international hipster Jered Gutcheck Gruber, who was heard to utter, "Not in my house" in the closing kilometer, after which he went to the front and turned himself inside-out with a gut-wrenching, brain-exploding, lung burning, snot-blowing pull into a stiff crosswind.

Meyer and Parrish had attacked in the final 2 miles of the brand new Wire Bridge Attack Zone when the road tilted towards the sun. They were quickly joined by Indiana's trashy super model Jonathon Catwalk Atwell and the three poured gasoline on the fire as the blacktop continued slanting slightly skyward—it would do so the entire way to the finish line. The three protagonists opened up a seemingly uncrossable 10-second chasm. Though the chasers behind were flying forward with the throttle wide open, the catch appeared hopeless—the winner would surely come from the group of three that were off the front. But Fortuna's wheel hadn't stopped spinning.

The Wire Bridge Attack Zone, a 6-mile stretch of swerving, swaying and rolling roadway that was being used for the first time in the WBL, proved to be a worthy foe for the Zealots. The first 4 miles of the Wire Bridge Attack Zone dip and bend and rise up and fall back down every 100 meters or so. There are no flat stretches, there are no straight sections, and there are plenty of places to throw down the gauntlet. As soon as the Attack Zone opened Canada's National Criterium Champion and all around pedal-nabob Ben Chaddock went to the front and drove down the first hill at an alarming rate of speed. The pack was instantly spread out in a single file line as the long cue of riders ripped down the fast-flowing descent at 40 miles an hour. Chaddock proved once again that Canadian's are curs as he refused to yield and hogged all the time at the front. He and his Canadian confederate Brother Bruno Langlois had ridden in the same ruthless manner the majority of the ride.

During the first four miles of the Wire Bridge Attack Zone the attacks flew off the front in bunches as Catwalk, Brother Bruno, Chaddock, Meyer and more hammered away into the wild blue yonder. But the pack behind, which was essing through the turns like a sidewinder slithering across the desert, was hale-bent on running the attacks down. But the wicked accelerations were taking their toll on those behind. If suffering is truly the key to consciousness, as many mystics profess, the Zealots were achieving transcendence one pedal stroke at the time.

Though many tried, no single person or small pack could break the ties that bind in the first four miles—the group was too strong. When the front group took the final right hand turn on Flat Rock Road, there were a little over 2 miles to go to the finish line. But this final 2 miles slopes upwards at a wretched angle. The steepest section is the first 300 meters, but after that, though the grade is less severe, it is constant and unrelenting all the way to paydirt. There is no place to recover, no place to catch one's breath. It was at this juncture that A.J. and Parrish first punched clear.

The group behind the two was speeding and in boiling hot pursuit but could not make much of a dent in the two's lead. And when the chasers hesitated for a split second, Atwell rolled through an open seam at the front and accelerated away. He stomped hard on his pedals and made contact with the two off the front after a gutsy 30 second bridge. Only a person with a big engines and finely tuned catalytic converter could even pull off such a feat. Even though Catwalk's a trashy super model who likes to shake his little money maker, I couldn't help but whisper Damn!

Atwell made contact and the three fell into a finely tuned formation. Each was giving it all he had, rocking back and forth on the bars, gritting his pearly whites, and dreaming of gold. The three maintained their ten second gap, but the chase behind was cooking. This was a full-fledged, take-no-prisoners, big-ring hammerfest. Catwalk, fresh from a snow-covered northern clime, sat up, his day of punishment and atonement for his sin filled days on the catwalk were done.

As the chase behind rocketed forward the front group continued to rapidly shrink as those hanging on the back were lopped off in one's and two's. As the front group hit the flame rouge banner with 1 kilometer to go, all the favorites (Travieso, Lydick, Brown, Emile Abraham, and Brendan Cornett) were still in contention though the front group had been pared down to a mere ten. Passing under the 1 k banner Gutcheck uttered his prophetic remark and slid into the forward position. Gutcheck proceeded to bare his soul and leave blood on the pave as he sacrificed himself for hometown hero Thomas Brown. Gutcheck ran the two defiant pedal-fools down with under 100 meters to go. They flew past the two like they were two telephone poles standing still.

At the line Brown pipped Big Frank by a nose hair and Cornett flew across in 3rd. And in a move that saved the day, young 15 year old phenom Fletcher paperweight Lydick inched by Abraham at the line and took 4th overall / 1st No-Pro. Though Brown won his second event of the year and rang up his 9th lifetime WBL win, young Paperweight held firm. We tried to talk to him after the event to hear his take on how the day unfolded, but his bodyguards threatened to break our legs if we didn't leave him alone. We sent an email instead. Though he hasn't responded, I'm sure he will. He's in great demand these days.

On the Ladies' side of the ledger Lady Z Mary Zider continued her run of dominant sprints, again infiltrating the front group and hanging firm all the way to the line, as she fought off a hard-charging Morgan Patton and edged her out at the line. In surviving this back-breaking Attack Zone both ladies showed they will be formidable opponents in any finish they contest on the circuit this year.

Final (Wire Bridge Attack Zone)

  1. Tomas Brown: 10 pts.
  2. Frank Travieso: 8 pts.
  3. Brendan Cornett: 6 pts.
  4. Fletcher Lydick: 4 pts.
  5. Emile Abraham: 2 pts.
  6. Pull Point: Ben Chaddock, Bruno Langlois (Canadian Conspiracy): 1 pt
  7. Attack Point: A.J. Meyer, Jon Atwell, Daniel Patton: 1 pt
  8. Leadout point: Gutcheck Gruber
  9. All: 4 pts.


  1. Mary Zider: 5 pts.
  2. Morgan Patton: 3 pts.
  3. True Grit Point: Namrita Odea, Shannon Parrish, Morgan Patton, Diana Ramos: 1 pt

Non Pro:

  1. Fletcher Lydick: 5 pts.
  2. Emile Abraham: 3 pts.
  3. Pat Raines: 1 pt

1. The Fight For the Overall

With only 1 event to go, the fight for the WBL 2013 Overall Win has never been tighter. Fletcher Paperweight Lydick took the lead in December and hasn't looked back since. Of course, if he did, he'd see Thomas Brown and Big Frank Traviso breathing down his neck. Though both Brown and Big Frank have had stellar season (Brown capturing 2 events and Big Frank winning Alto for the second year in a row), Paperweight`has answered the bell, constantly racking up points in both the sprints and the finales. And in this past Saturday's rapid finish, perhaps the fastest of the year, Lydick showed that he can not only hang, but the young tyro can kick too. The fight for the win in 2013 is wide open and the final event will decide it all.

Though they are a little too far back to make the top 3, Brendan Cornett, Mary Zider, Morgan Patton and Damien Dunn have had superb winter seasons and have slotted into the Top 10, a place they will all probably hold. Rosskopf, O Clarke and Erin Winter round out the Top 10, but with Clarke and Rosskopf gone for the finale, only Winter can climb up in the polls. Fourth place in this year's Overall is still up for grabs.

2013 Overall Standings (with 1 to go)

  1. Fletcher Lydick: 89 pts
  2. Thomas Brown: 86 pts
  3. Frank Travesio: 82 pts
  4. Brendan Cornett: 63 pts
  5. Mary Zider: 62 pts
  6. Morgan Patton: 59 pts
  7. Damien Dunn: 57 pts
  8. Oscar Clarke: 57 pts
  9. Erin Winter: 55 pts
  10. Joey Rosskopf: 52 pts

2. The Early Part of the Day

The early part of the day started under crystal-clear, aqua blue skies. The weather forecast called for plenty of sunshine, temps in the low 60's, and smiles all around. The group headed south through Watkinsville and unfortunately during the Ladies sprint there was a bump and a spill. Shannon Parrish and Namrita Odea hit the deck. Both ladies banged hard and their ride was over for the day. Though both ladies were treated for their battle wounds, word is that both are at home, both are on the mend, and neither is crazier than she already was. Admittedly, one must possess a little bit of craziness to toe-up for these rides.

After both ladies were cared for and attended to, all sprints except for the Final Attack Zone were cancelled. As a result, the group blistered the roadway as they tore over the next 25 miles to the store stop at the magnificent James Madison Hotel in Madison Georgia. The group averaged around 25 miles per hour as they blasted down this segment of the ride behind the main impetus of the two Canadian provocateurs, Brother Bruno and Chaddock.

The group was treated like Saudi oil barons at the hotel and after sunning themselves and stuffing their gullets with fine fare and liquid refreshments, they cast off again and headed into more remote regions of the Emporium. And they didn't slow down. It was as if the turbo blasters were left idling during the store stop and as soon as the group was clear of the confines of Madison proper, the governor was taken off and they were back at it again. The group motor-glided past the Greshamville Mall, crossed over tributaries of Lake Oconee, and barreled up the Colham Ferry Road. They cut a jig over to Antioch Road, and dog-legged over to Wire Bridge Road. Once onto Wire Bridge Road, the fireworks began. At the end of the day the Zealots came home with about 90 miles in 4.5 hours at an average speed of over 21 miles-per-hour. Give yourselves a slap on the back. In fact, go ahead and take two.

2013 Overall Standings (1 to go)

  1. Fletcher Lydick: 89 pts
  2. Thomas Brown: 86 pts.
  3. Frank Travesio: 82 pts
  4. Brendan Cornett: 63 pts
  5. Mary Zider: 62 pts
  6. Morgan Patton: 59 pts
  7. Damien Dunn: 57 pts
  8. Oscar Clarke: 57 pts
  9. Erin Winter: 55 pts
  10. Joey Rosskopf: 52 pts
  11. Zoe Frazier: 48 pts
  12. Namrita Odea: 46 pts.
  13. Benjamin Bryant: 44 pts
  14. David Jordan: 43 pts
  15. Catherine Peacock: 42 pts
  16. Frank Crumley: 41 pts
  17. Tim Lees: 40 pts
  18. Shannon Parrish: 39 pts
  19. Craig Tinsley: 39 pts.
  20. Thom Leonard: 39 pts
  21. Russ Foster: 39 pts
  22. David Haney: 39 pts
  23. Crowe: 39 pts
  24. Reid Peacock: 38 pts
  25. Scott Morris: 38 pts.
  26. Jason Crosby: 38 pts.
  27. Eddie Odea: 37 pts
  28. Austin Ulich: 37 pts
  29. John Butler: 36 pts
  30. Parker Haney: 36 pts
  31. Emile Abraham: 35 pts
  32. Clarke Hurst: 35 pts
  33. Hunter Garrison: 33 pts
  34. Matt Miller: 33 pts
  35. Sam Rafal: 32 pts
  36. Shannon Wrege: 31 pts
  37. Tony Scott: 31 pts.
  38. Cal Hootin: 30 pts
  39. Justin Smith: 34 pts
  40. Robert Consaster: 30 pts
  41. Brooks Lide: 29 pts
  42. Michael York: 29 pts
  43. Clay Parks: 29 pts
  44. Blake Bradford: 28 pts
  45. Tony Robinson: 27 pts
  46. Phil Gaimon: 27 pts.
  47. Maria Carrelli: 27 pts
  48. Jason Bewley: 26 pts
  49. Michael Waine: 26 pts
  50. Brett Magner: 25 pts
  51. Austin Hilliard: 25 pts
  52. Tomas Petit: 25 pts
  53. Nick Arroyo: 25 pts
  54. Dalford England: 24 pts
  55. Dustin Mealor: 23 pts
  56. Jonathon Cucaz: 23 pts
  57. Phillip Han: 27 pts
  58. Paul Harkins: 23 pts
  59. Huntley Nash: 22 pts
  60. David Goodman: 22 pts
  61. Kirk Mad Smith: 22 pts
  62. Livli Radli: 22 pts
  63. Big Cappy: 21 pts
  64. Eric Murphy: 20 pts
  65. Darrel Farlowe: 20 pts
  66. Mike Edmonds: 20 pts
  67. Nick Gastley: 20 pts
  68. A.J. Smith: 19 pts
  69. Ashley Gruber: 19 pts
  70. Jered Gruber: 19 pts
  71. Chris Blackmon: 19 pts
  72. Yo Simpson: 19 pts.
  73. Rob Butler: 18 pts
  74. Ty Magner: 18 pts
  75. Shannon Wrege: 18 pts
  76. Nick Housley: 17 pts
  77. Jon Atkins: 17 pts
  78. Eddie Hsu: 17 pts
  79. Elliot Caldwell: 17 pts
  80. Alexander Dijkema: 17 pts
  81. Tina Mayola-Pic: 17
  82. Keenan Howard: 16 pts.
  83. Chris Constantine: 16 pts
  84. Chris Slone: 16 pts
  85. Sam Morgan: 16 pts.
  86. Greg Brown: 16 pts
  87. Joe Dunlop: 16 pts
  88. AJ Meyer: 15 pts
  89. Michael Trivette: 15 pts
  90. Christian Dicenso: 15 pts
  91. Luke Broadwell: 15 pts
  92. Don Newman: 14 pts
  93. Nick Oestrich: 14 pts
  94. Chris Deluise: 13
  95. Casey Magner: 12 pts
  96. Winston David: 12 pts
  97. Jeff Shirey: 12 pts
  98. Natty Dunn: 12
  99. Iona Parks: 12 pts
  100. Brian Molloy: 12 pts
  101. Fat Cappy: 11 pts
  102. Michael York: 11 pts
  103. Nick Frazier: 11 pt
  104. Pablo Di Marco: 11 pts
  105. Nick Fragnito: 11 pts
  106. Phillip O'Donnell: 11 pts
  107. Ceci Crowe: 11 pts
  108. Bruno Langlois: 10 pts
  109. Big Cappy: 10 pts.
  110. Eric Kirk: 10 pts
  111. Jordan Heimer: 10 pts