A big yellow sun dominated the sky and over 100 Zealots were on hand to take part in the WBL Home Opener of the 2014-14 season, the Hub Good Hope Misadventure. The warm rays of Old Sol led those present to relax their defenses, always dangerous, thinking it would be an amicable day of easy pedal-rotating mixed with lighthearted conversation and occasional laughter. But they were dead wrong. Instead, the pack drovers hit Milledge Avenue right out of the Hub and rode like greased lightning for the entirety of the ride. And the wind, which was favorable during the first hour, ended up battering the pack during the final two hours. Bitter tears were shed, legs were bruised and swollen, and feelings were crushed. It was a great day in the WBL.

In a move a pure genius, CEO Briggs Carney moved the first WBL ride of the 2014-15 season to Sunday, 7 December, because of Saturday rain, and the grupetto was all smiles and raring to go. Though the group was grinning, it was one of the more dastardly and despicable groups ever to show up and sign in for a WBL event. Matt Bannick, Jim Baynes, Nick Arroyo, David Blalock, Amanda Calvird, Kim Cantrell, Anthony Capozzi, Robert Conaster, Maria Carrelli, Rich Dewitt, Lauren Dodge and Branyen Davis were just a few of the more reprehensible and loathsome souls who were on hand for the Grand Opening.

Because the wind was at their backs during the first hour, the Zealots sailed along at 55 miles per hour plus some change.


The thundering herd of over 130 Zealots was led out of town and towards Maysville on Week 2 in the WBL by a powerful cadre of juniors from Team Mission Source, all future Grand Tour winners, presidents of Fortune 500 companies, and eventual world leaders. The Team Mission Source riders—Owen Braunecker, Michael Garrison, Thomas Cross, Reece Latham, Willem Kaiser, and the powerful Waine twins to name a few—lead the grupetto straight down Milledge Avenue and out of town via Prince Avenue to the Access Road and the Great Wide Open that lay beyond. Those walking on the side of the road and those in cars driving past could only stare at the young luminaries in awe and wonderment.

And not to be outdone, on the wheels of the Team Mission Source juniors were the young guys and gals from Frazier Cycling. David Heath (14), Megan Heath (16), Harrison Nguy (14) and Jonathon Spathelf (18) were directly behind the Mission Source riders licking their chops and waiting on their chance to lead this wild and untamed gaggle of pedal-fools into the dark and dusky regions at the far edges of the map. And when the Frazier lads did come to the fore and start ripping down the road, this time, it was the rest of the pack that shook their heads in awe and wonderment. It was World Youth Day in the WBL!

The group sailed north into the rolling hills and bosky woods of Jackson County and towards Maysville at a comfortable clip. The sun was beaming down on the pack like a beacon of love and clothes were eventually shed and pasty, unshaved white skin was exposed. It was a horrid sight. My eyes still hurt on the backside from gazing at Sean Philyaw’s albescent being.

A hundred or so made it to the store stop in Maysville at Mile 35 and so far, it had been a pleasurable day of easy pedaling—the group was averaging about 18 miles per hour. But after the store stop, the pack positioned the wind at its back, put the bit between its teeth, and pushed the pedal to the metal. As the group rolled through Commerce and hit 334 and started the final push towards home, the Big O Oscar Clark and his partner in crime, Ty Shake Your Money Maker Magner, went to the front and upped the ante. Then Thomas Hit Man Brown doubled-down. With the wind at its back, the pack was cruising down the comfortable downslopes of Highway 334 and Nowhere Road between 25 and 30 miles per hour. This group was humming now.

The group completed 70 miles in 3.5 hours at an average clip of 20 miles per hour. After two rides, the group has 145 miles under its belt. Morgan Patton Brown, with the absence of Travieso, as last year’s second place finisher, remains safely tucked into the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey. Can she hold it for the rest of the season? Her enemies are sharpening their knives.

71 miles / 3.5 hours / 20 mph avg.

WBL # 3 (12-20-14): THE COLBERT HUSTLE

Only a group of hardcore, tough-as-nails, black-hearted, no holds-barred, no feeling, no count Zealots showed up and signed in for the Colbert Hustle on 20 December 2014. The reason: Instead of the same sun drenched skies and temperate conditions that the pack had enjoyed during the first two rides, a gray gauze of gloom descended from above, a witch’s brew of mist, clouds, and cold, blustery wind. Riding into this maw meant riding into the unknown—whether the skies would clear or dump another round of soaking rain wasn’t quite clear. Not to mention, the roads were still damp and the edges clotted with limbs and slick with leaves. Still, in spite of the tough conditions, 80 or so uncompromising souls clicked their heels twice, rubbed a lucky rabbit’s foot and hit the ground running. They never looked back and as so often happens, it ended up being a glorious day of suffering with a whole gaggle of like-minded friends.

Thomas Boss Hog Brown and his recently betrothed cycling mate Morgan Patton Brown, who happens to be in the Hub Leader’s Jersey, led the lusty herd south out College Station Road and eventually turned due east and rolled over the undulating cow pastures and sliced through the wooded tracts in Oglethorpe County. Also spotted at the front and giving it a big ring whirl were Oliver Anthony Quinn, Adam Cross Dog Myerson, Erin Boots Winter, Michael Lean Bean Trivette and Liam the Graduate Ainslee. As the pack cruised down Clouds Creek Road and to the store stop in Colbert, it was evident the pedal-gods had smiled on the Zealots because although the sun never showed itself, the rain held off and the roads dried and the mood of this lusty herd soared.

After the store stop in Colbert the grupetto cut a rug through Danielsville and headed home the long way via the never-ending Nowhere Road. At the end of the day the pack logged 70 miles at a 19.5 mile-per-hour clip. The hammerheads were smiling the whole way home.

In the quest for the Hub Leader’s Jersey, though no sprints have taken place, points have been earned for riding (and signing in). All riders receive 1 point per hour and after three rides, several combatants have earned the maximum 12 points. As last year’s highest placed finisher, Morgan Patton Brown is safely tucked into the Leader’s Jersey at present, and with the ladies’ sprint coming up on January 1, not only is there a good chance she’ll still be at the top afterwards, there are legitimate odds she will never be caught. However, some of those tied with M Patton-Brown for the lead and who are intent on knocking her off her perch are David Cowboy Blalock, Jim Barnyard Baynes, Matt Knobby Tires Bannick, Amanda the Bird Calvird, Anthony Corleone-Capozzi, Maria Carrelli, Eric Swamp Dog Murphy, Robert Superstar Conastar, Damin Showstopper Dunn, Erik Lefty Gruenwedel, David and Megan Heath, Jason K Jones, Mark Klein, Scott Morris, Harrison Nguy, Thomas Brown, Dillon Swain and Craig Tinsley.

Knife sharpeners, hand grenades, slingshots and eye of newt are selling like hot cakes at your local convenience store. A knife in the back works well but sometimes a magic potion works better.


A group of 70 or so Yuletide Zealots were on hand for the last WBL ride of the year, the Statham Stampede, to prove that the Christmas season wasn’t just a time to stuff one’s gullet with baked hams, sugar coated pastries, expensive liqueor, and other fine fare, or ripping open wrapped gifts left by a jolly old fat man dressed in red, but was also about socializing and suffering with a few other like-minded friends. After all, as all cyclists know, suffering is at the epicenter of existence, and hammering out long miles with a few friends drops one squarely into the eye of the storm—it’s a great place to be but at times a hard hat is required.

The celebratory group racked up 55 miles in 3 hours on yet another warm, sun-drenched day. Though the air was chilled at departure time, it quickly warmed and topped out at over 60 degrees. Three out of the four WBL rides so far this season have been under warm, temperate, sunny skies—surely the gods are smiling on the Zealots. Certainly the whether-wizards at the Ministry of Magic wouldn’t double-cross us now! Would they?

On hand to ring out the old year and to make sure the grupetto stayed in check were several members of the “A” Team including Chad Fat Cappy Capobianco, John Beebopin Butler, Thomas Hit Man Brown, Mike Falstaff Buechel, Brendan BamBam Cornett, Oscar OC Clarke, David G-Man Goodman, Willem da Kaiser, Joey the Wrecking Ball Rosskopf, Phil the Thrill Gaimon, and former Emperor of Ashville, Tytus Magner.

The strong riders kept their own rabid, slobbering dogs in their cages on this day and rode the entirety of the day at a quick, steady tempo but one that never blew the doors off the barn doors. It was a time to tell tall tales, glide over the gently rolling landscape that lies south of Athens, and celebrate the warm sunshine. But all is not peace and love in the WBL—with the first sprint ride of the year approaching on January 1, and the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey up for grabs and conspiracies are spreading through the peloton like the bubonic plague.

At this time, a total of 16 riders have been present for all 4 WBL rides to date and are locked in a logjam for first place with a total of 15 points. As last year’s highest placed Overall Finisher, Morgan Patton Brown sits atop the dung heap securely ensconced in the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey, and with the Independent Bakery’s Ladies Day Commerce Classic fast approaching on January 1, it doesn’t appear she’ll be relinquishing the jersey anytime soon. The other riders who have 15 points are: Matt the Mountain Biker Bannick, Jim Bean Baynes, David Cowboy Blalock, Thomas Hit Man Brown, Anthony Corleone-Capozzi, Robert the Con Man Conaster, Damien Show Stopper Dunn, Megan Tiny Shark Heath, Jason K-Town Jones, Mark Circle K Klein, Scott Sugar Daddy Morris, Huntley No Mercy Nash, Harrison the Kid Nguy, Andy Scarface Scarano, Dillon Body Slamma, Swain, Craig Tinsel Tinsley, and Micheal Lean Bean Trivette. But with the sprints fast approaching things will change soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines: It’s time to rumble.


Field Marshall Morgan Patton Brown stamped her authority on the 2015 WBL season as she stormed to an impressive victory in the Independent Bakery Lady’s Day Commerce Classic, her second consecutive win on the iconic New Year’s Day event. Breathing fire on her heels was Frazier Cycling’s young cycling superstar, 15 year old Megan Heath, who pushed the Field Marshall to her limit and nearly pulled off a major coup. With their impressive performances, these two femmes fatales have now distanced themselves from the rest of the vulgar mass and sit one-two in the Overall Standings. Can these two ladies be stopped, or like avoiding a runaway freight train, is it best to simply step back and get out of the way.

The 5th event of the season started yet again beneath sun drenched but frigid skies, but as the 70 New Year’s Day Zealots headed north on Nowhere Road, the temperature rose rapidly, the skies remained crystal clear, and lusty lies and tall tales were told by all, especially Jason K Jones and Craig Tinsley. At the store stop in Commerce the group was treated like kings and queens as the fine folks at State Street Bikes rolled out the red carpet and provided food, drink and other amenities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available on a day when many stores were closed.

After refueling in Commerce, the group headed back to Athens the lumpy way, via the Waterworks Road-South Apple Valley-Brockton Loop corridor, a route that routinely causes many cyclists to question why they ever started pedaling in the first place. Six miles into the return trip, the Non Pro’s contested the first intermediate sprint of the year, the College Transitions South Apple Valley Hill Jam, a grueling 500 meter incline that only gets steeper as the line comes closer. When the whistle blew, the group was immediately stretched out like a rubber band as the speed increased to warp 9. Big Frank Travieso was one of the main culprits as he flew up the hill like a shoulder-launched missile, causing the pack to split into a dozen different groups. Approaching the top, Damien Showstopper Dunn surged with a fierce burst of speed and won the toilsome sprint and showed he will be a major force to deal with during this season’s competition. Blazing across the line a nanosecond in arrears was Fletcher Paperweight Lydick and with Jason the Hurricane Bewley grabbing third.

College Transitions S Apple Valley Hill Jam:

  1. Damien Dunn: 3 pts
  2. Fletcher Lydick: 2 pts.
  3. Jason Bewley: 1 pt

After tackling several other sinister hills, the ladies’ whistle blew and the first Final Attack Zone of the year was at hand, the Cane Creek Road Causeway, a 2.2 mile stretch that finishes with a steep 800 meter climb to the line. For the first 1.5 miles of the 2.2 mile Attack Zone, the dozen ladies watched each other as if they thought the others were intent on stealing their man, with Emily the Man Crusher Cox most prevalent at the front of the thundering herd. After corkscrewing down a 400 meter technical descent, the ladies began the blitz up the hill. 300 meters from the line, the day’s favorite, Patton-Brown, took off. Only Megan Heath could match the field marshal’s burst as the two gapped those behind. At the line, the Patton-Brown eked out the win and solidified her hold on first but the surprise of the day was Heath, who with her second place, catapulted into second place overall. Also scoring points with gallant efforts was A Gruber, K Scholz and another one of Frazier’s young racehorses, 13 year old Jane Tullis. Salud ladies on an incredible day.

  1. Morgan Patton Brown: 10 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 8 pts.
  3. Ashley Gruber: 6 pts.
  4. Kalen Lee Scholz: 4 pts.
  5. Jane Tullis: 2 pts.
  6. Emily Cox: 1 pt
  7. Amanda Calvird: 1 pt
  8. Brittainy Dohman: 1 pt
  9. Loren Morgan: 1 pt
  10. Madeline Pearce: 1 pt
  11. Stephanie Rynas: 1 pt


The Big O Oscar Clark scored a scintillating win with a spectacular 8 mile solo over the cruel byways in the legendary Gene Dixon Attack Zone, a 9 mile stretch of blacktop with no less than six huge hummocks to climb. When the 80 person grupetto first entered the Final Attack Zone they had already been buffeted and battered by inhospitable winds and intemperate temperatures that didn’t rise above 40 degrees until the halfway point on the 80 mile day. This group had already paid a heavy toll.

When the whistle blew, Matt Big Truck Whatley, Brendan Bam Bam Cornett, Jered Gutcheck Gruber and The Big O immediately surged and moved clear. The four experienced hammerheads quickly fell into formation and opened up a dangerous seven second gap. Over the top of the first large hill, The Big O jumped his compatriots and pushed clear. He quickly checked behind him, took a deep breath of icy air, shifted into his 13, and pressed down on his pedals with all the gusto he muster. He was fully committed—there was 8 miles to go.

Though the Big O was on his own, the three behind kept the pedal to the metal; the field was not closing and now they were in full blown panic mode. The Big O stayed clear over the second and third large hills, taking the intermediate sprint points in the process, but he was not extending his gap. Behind, the hills were wreaking havoc on the poor pack as riders succumbed to the cruel slopes.

Heading up the monster incline on the third hill, the Wrecking Ball Joey Rosskopf made his move. He stomped across to the three chasers and drug Bam Bam Cornett clear. The two were ten seconds in arrears and were determined to catch the Big O. There were 4 miles to go—this was shaping up to be a sphincter-squeezing, nail biter of a finish.

As Clark powered up the fourth hill, Bam Bam and the Wrecking Ball began to close. But the remnants of the main filed was hot on their heels—the win was still anyone’s for the taking. The Big O took the right hand turn on Beaverdam and the left on Smithonia and headed up the ascent of the fifth large lump, the Mur de Winterville. Taking the right hand turn on Billy Melton Road with 1.5 miles to go, the two chasers were still closing and appeared to have radar lock on the Big O. Surely he couldn’t survive.

But Clark smelled blood. He also smelled cash money and a million dollar prize box so summoned his inner Jens Voight and poured everything he had into pounding on his pedals. As he raced up the last long slope to the finish line, the two chasers managed to close the gap to a slim 3 seconds but the Big O would not be denied. As he crossed the line he threw both arms up as the tears poured down his cheeks like a waterfall.

In the decimated main field Dillon the Swami Swain raged across in 4th with Andy Scarface Scarano shortly behind. Michael Lean Bean Trivttete won the day for the Non Pros with a remarkable ride but the day also belonged to the Field Marshall Morgan Patton Brown, currently wearing the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey, as she not only won the sprint for the gals, but also finished an astounding 2nd for the Non Pros. Also showing fortitude and strength beyond her tender years was Megan the Hammer Heath, Frazier Cycling’s 15 year old wunderkind, who came in 2nd for the ladies and held onto her second place in the Overall. Not to be outdone, Frazier’s other teenage game changers, Jonathan the Spatula Spathelf and Harrison No Go Nguy also impressed with extraordinary rides and both remain in the Top 8 in the Overall.

Pin your ears back, guys and gals, this group is on the roll!


  1. Oscar Clark: 10 pts.
  2. Joey Rosskopf: 8 pts.
  3. Brendan Cornett: 6 pts.
  4. Dillon Swain: 4 pts
  5. Andy Scarano: 2 pts.
  6. Attack Point: Matt Whatley, Jered Gruber: 1 pt.


  1. Michael Trivette: 10 pts.
  2. Morgan Patton-Brown: 8 pts.
  3. Jonathon Spathelf: 6 pts.
  4. Harrison Nguy: 4 pts
  5. Shannon Wrege: 2 pts.


  1. Morgan Patton: 5 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 3 pts.
  3. Emily Cox: 1 pt

Ladies’ Sprint:

  1. Morgan Patton: 3 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 2 pts
  3. Emily Cox: 1 pt

Pro Sprint:

  1. Oscar Clark: 3 pts.
  2. Joey Rosskopf: 2 pts.
  3. Brendan Cornett: 1 pt


The Big O Oscar Clark and his partner in crime, Joey the Wrecking Ball Rosskopf, pulled off a devastating and cunning heist as they went one-two on this last Saturday’s edition of the WBL, the Hamilton-Ryker IT – Condor Chocolate Madison Classic, and destroyed the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those behind. It was a cruel but precise twist of the knife these two escape artists performed, both inflicting mortal wounds to those around when he attacked. Worst of all, the two seem to revel in the misery they inflicted on others, as if seeing others suffer somehow brings them joy. And that’s as it should be, so sayeth the WBL.

The Madison ride was the quickest of the season as the helmsmen, led by the evil and conspiring Jered Gutcheck Gruber, set an overall pace of 21 miles per hour on the 83 mile day. The pulsing pace, combined with a stiff, constant breeze, a bevy of rolling hills, and a powerful pack of pros who were ready to uncork the genie…at least momentarily, guaranteed a rip-roaring time. And when the genie was let loose in the Finale, the Flatrock Road Attack Zone, as usual, the pack blew to smithereens. Quite naturally, a rip-roaring time was had by all.

Strictly judging by course profile, the Flatrock Road Attack Zone should be one of the easier…or should we say “least hard” Attack Zones in the WBL. And at only 6 miles, it’s one of the shortest. Though this is only the third year that Flatrock has been ridden, it’s proved itself a vicious foe and always causes numerous fractures and in the group. The reasons are plenty but one is that it’s the fastest. The terrain is rolling, weaving, tight at times, and fast. Strong riders love to string the pack out here simply because it’s fun to ride superfast. But a stretched-put pack is vulnerable, and that’s when the piranhas usually attack.

When the Zealots turned onto Wire Bridge Road and hit the Final Attack Zone, as predicted the group was immediately strung out and flying down the road and cruising over undulating terrain. The pace was so high that after two miles a group of eight had already torn clear. Behind, another group of eight had splintered off and were frantically chasing.

In the front group, Andy Scarano, Joey Rosskopf, Ty Magner, Oscar Clark, Chris Deluise, Brendan Cornett, Jered Gruber, and Frank Travieso poured it on as they took the right hand turn onto Oliver Bridge Road with 4 miles to go and stepped on the gas. But suddenly the Wrecking Ball, Rosskopf, shot out of the group like a fired bullet, albeit a bright red BMC bullet. Rosskopf sensed a slight hesitation in the group behind so he put his head down and dropped low and pounded like a mad rhino. Rosskopf weaved his way down the fast flowing contours of Oliver Bridge and as he took the last right turn onto Flatrock Road with 2 miles to go he looked back and saw an 8 second gap. It seemed like a country mile.

A second reason the Flatrock Road Attack Zone has earned a solid reputation is the final 2 miles on Flatrock Road is grueling and will force one to measure just how much suffering he or she can really endure. The section begins with a steep 200 meter pitch upwards followed by a slightly up-sloping roadway for the next two miles, all the way to the finish line. The road surface is rough and because the road is constantly rising, albeit slight, it’s impossible to gain much momentum or get much of a draft without expending enormous amounts of energy. It’s a around 8 minutes of sheer torture. It’s why we do this, it’s great fun.

Rosskopf pounded up the sharp rise at the start of Flatrock and looked back and saw one rider had detached himself from the bunch and was riding clear. But he was still too far back so Rosskopf put his head down and kept hammering. But instead of increasing his gap, he merely maintained.

Behind, the rider was now halfway across—it was the Big O Oscar Clark—and he was closing fast. Rosskopf, eased off, Clarke made contact, and with 1.5 miles to the two set off for the great beyond. Behind, the chasers were in full pursuit, and behind them a half dozen different groups were scattered up and down the road.

At the line Clarke and Rosskopf went 1-2, with Clark taking the maximum points and not only winning his second ride in a row, but moving into a tie for first place in the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey Competition with Morgan Patton-Brown, each with a total of 48 points. And with Patton Brown’s absence this Saturday due to team training camp, Clark will be donning his first ever Leader’s Jersey.

In the first chase group Magner edged out Cornett for 3rd with the rest of the group all taking extra points for gutsy rides. Christian Dicenso was the first Non Pro by a long shot as he rode away from the others at the line, and Morgan Patton Brown also once again proved to be the one to beat as she won the day for the gals. Megan Heath, Harrision Nguy and Jonathon Spathelf continue to impress and hold strong and remain solidly in the Top Ten in the Overall. Salud, ladies and Gents, on a solid day.


  1. Oscar Clark: 10 pts.
  2. Joey Rosskopf: 8 pts.
  3. Ty Magner: 6 pts.
  4. Brendan Cornett: 4 pts
  5. Jered Gruber: 2 pts.
  6. Make the front g: coming: 1 pt.


  1. Christian Dicenso: 5 pts.
  2. Sean Phylaw: 3 pts.
  3. Chad Conley: 1 pts


  1. Morgan Patton: 5 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 3 pts.
  3. Erin Winter: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint:

  1. Damien Dunn: 3 pts.
  2. Fletcher Lydick: 2 pts
  3. Tom Morrison: 1 pt

Pro Sprint:

  1. Oscar Clark: 3 pts.
  2. Thomas Morrison: 2 pts.
  3. Ty Magner: 1 pt


The young sprinting prodigy known as Tytus Magner, the former mayor of Asheville and present day Prime Minister of Prince Avenue, pulled off a once-in-a-lifetime feat as he not only scored an impressive Alto victory after a brutal day of pedal-banging, thus entering his name in the historical register, he also won the Alto City Limit sprint halfway in by displaying a bit of bravado—he blasted away from the front group on the last of the Triple Stairstep and soloed the last 5 miles, holding a 15 to 20 second gap all the way to the line. And you thought he was only a sprinter! Tytus is cagey that way.

When the shell-shocked and shattered group turned left onto Steep Dog Road (AC Smith Road) to begin the Final Attack, they riders already had 98 grueling miles in their poor, pitiful legs. In fact, throughout the cruel and vexing day, many riders’ legs were singing the Blind Willie Blues as they tried in vain to push the pedal over one more time. Though once again the sun was shining, the day was ravaged by the wind and on the way to Alto in the first half of the day, the incessant gusts battered the pack with relentless headwinds and bruising crosswinds. And with the constant barrage of monster hills, combined with the raid-fire tempo, there was little opportunity to sit in and spin; simply staying with the herd required a rider to work like a pack mule. And for those who do survive to the end, the Alto Attack Zone is a 9 mile section of roadway that exacts a heavy toll and guarantees only the strongest will compete for the win.

So when this shaved-down front group of 70 or so hit the Final Attack Zone, many were already in survival mode. On the first hill, Steep Dog Hill—a 400 meter pitch straight up into the sky—Jered Gutcheck Gruber struck out in pursuit of gold, glory and fame. Over the top of the terrible hill, Gutcheck went clear of a strung-out group behind that was splintering into a half dozen different small packs. As Gutcheck raced for the first right hand turn onto Erastus Church Road only 1.5 miles in, he had a 5 second gap over two riders in hot pursuit behind. Thomas Hit Man Brown and Tytus Magner shot out of the first chase group of a dozen and were closing quickly on Gutcheck.

The two chasers made contact as they turned right and the three wise men quickly realized that opportunity was at hand and they fell into formation and powered away, each taking massive pulls in an effort to stay away. By the time the trio tuned left on Seagraves Mill Road, they had a 20 second advantage over a dozen chasers who still hoped to reel the three in.

But Gruber, Brown and Magner are experienced Pros and they never faltered—they continued rotating and sharing the load, each giving solid pulls to ensure the success of the break. But suddenly, as the three escape artists began the last long 600 meter hill up Seagraves to Nowhere Road and the final 3 miles, Gutcheck launched a ferocious attack—he was going for the win and he knew he didn’t want to bring it down to a sprint.

But Magner continued tapping out a rapid tattoo on his pedals as he didn’t panic and instead increased his cadence without shifting gears—he pulled Gutcheck back and as they took the right hand turn onto Nowhere Road, they still held a 20 second gap. But if they broke down now, they could easily be caught.

Behind, the chasers were humming but they were under the watchful gaze of the Hub Overall Leader, the Big O Oscar Clark, and he was sticking onto attacks the way butter does to hot rice. In the chase group behind still trying to close the gap to the leaders was Frank Travieso, Brendan Cornett, Emile Abraham, Sean Philyaw, Igor Rudola and Andy Scarano to name a few.

At the front, the three cycling magi still understood the significance of a 20 second gap and they didn’t squander a chance at immortality. They fell back into formation on Nowhere Road and worked together like the different parts of a Singer sewing machine. Watching the three give short intense pulls and slide to the side and then drop back in at the rear was like watching skilled craftsmen perform their trade.

As the three began the last 1 mile stretch to the line, it was obvious they’d stay clear—they were still holding a 20 second gap. With 500 meters to go, Gutcheck launched another salvo with a vicious mule-kick that sent him 20 meters clear. He looked back once and threw everything into the move. With 400 meters to go, Gutcheck was 2 seconds clear.

But with 300 meters to go Tytus launched a devastating counter and he shot by Gutcheck and managed to barely gap Brown behind—he stood and stomped and grunted and managed to hold Brown off by a second as he crossed the line with a fist raised, with Gruber rolling across in third. Regardless of placings, it was a masterful ride by all three of the day’s final protagonists who averaged a steady 20.5 miles per hour over the course of the 115 mile day.

In the first chase group, Traveiso stormed across in fourth, with Cornett, Clark and Abraham not far behind. Also in the first group and showing impressive form were I Rudola and Scarano.

Emile Abraham won the day for the Non Pros finishing 7th Overall with the powerful young Hincapie rider Ian Garrison not far behind. Also impressing with strong Alto showings were Willem Kaiser, Tommy Morrison and Davis Branyon.

On the Ladies side of the ledger Ashley Gruber showed amazing strength and fortitude and won the day with the perennial favorite Tina Mayola-Pic taking second. And showing stamina far beyond her 15 years, Megan Heath scored valuable points for third and combined with the points earning from winning the Crackback Hill Jam, she surged on the Leader’s board and now sits only 2 points behind Oscar Clark who is now in First Place. The irrepressible 13 year old Jane Tullis also showed mind-mending strength beyond her mere 13 years with a rock solid ride. Also making significant jumps in the standings were Ty Magner and Brendan Cornett, who, along with Morgan Patton-Brown, are stil in contention for the crown. Hold onto your pants, with three to go, it’s up for grabs. Things, as they say, are interesting now.

The world watches and waits.


  1. Ty Magner: 15 pts.
  2. Thomas Brown: 12 pts.
  3. Jered Gruber: 9 pts.
  4. Frank Travieso: 6 pts.
  5. Brendan Cornett: 3 pts.
  6. Oscar Clark: 2 pts.
  7. Emile Abraham: 1 pt
  8. Attack Point: Gruber: 1 pt.

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Emile Abraham: 9 pts.
  2. Ian Garrison: 7 pts.
  3. Igor Rudola: 5 pts.
  4. Oleg: 3 pts.
  5. Sean Philyaw: 2 pts.

Ladies Finish:

  1. Ashley Gruber: 9 pts.
  2. Tina Mayola-Pic: 7 pts.
  3. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  4. Jane Tullis: 3 pts.

Alto City Limit Sprint:

  1. Ty Magner: 5 pts.
  2. Oscar Clark: 4 pts.
  3. Brendan Cornett: 3 pts.
  4. Jered Gruber: 2 pts.
  5. Ryan Knapp: 1 pt.

Crackback Hill (Ladies):

  1. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  2. Jane Tullis: 4 pts.
  3. Ashley Gruber: 3 pts.
  4. Tina Mayola-Pic: 2 pts.

Crackback Hill (Non Pro):

  1. Emile Abraham: 5 pts.
  2. Ian Garrison: 4 pts.
  3. Tommy Morrison: 3 pts
  4. Willem Kaiser: 2 pts
  5. Davis Branyon: 1 pt.


The veteran assassin Thomas Hit Man Brown took a dramatic, come from behind victory in the closing meters this past Saturday in the WBL as he timed his winning jump to perfection and leapt out from the leading group with 400 meters to go and pedaled away. Only Andy Scarface Scarano could follow but Hit Man held him off at the line for his 11th lifetime win. But to fully understand exactly how Brown off such a skilled heist so late in the day, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, one must know what had happened before, in the first 8 miles of the Final Attack Zone, the brutal, merciless and unforgiving Pink Church Loop.

There is no place to hide on the Pink Church Loop (PCL), it will expose a rider’s weaknesses in a cruel and heartless way. The difficulty of the Pink Church Loop guarantees that only a strong person will win at the end of the day. There are 3 deadly hills in a total of 8 miles on the PCL, one steep and one on the final 1 mile run to the line that is only slightly canted that must be ridden twice, but it’s usually into a headwind, and riding 1 mile at maximum effort can roast one’s lungs, not to mention a one’s legs.

When the group turned right at Alligator Pond and entered the Final Attack Zone, the riders already had a solid 80 miles in their legs. Other than the 3 sprints earlier in the day, the group had sailed through the day at a comfortable 20 mile-per-hour clip under clear, sunny skies. The wind, which the week before was blowing like a hurricane, was calm and made for much easier pedaling as the pack rolled through the scenic backwoods of Jackson County. And Once again, Jered Gutcheck Gruber and the Hit Man pulled and pulled and pulled. There’s nothing that makes the WBL prouder than watching a pack drover who loves to pull. So when the pack turned right at Alligator Pond to begin the Final Attack Zone, the Zealots had a solid 4 hours of pedal-cruising in their legs. This process is called “fattening for the kill.”

As soon as the whistle blew, Jered Gutcheck Gruber surged and attacked on the long, 1 mile run to the Pink Church and the intermediate sprint. But after watching Gruber ride away the week before on Alto, the pack was keen not to let him do so again and alarm bells rang and the group immediately reacted with a violent push up the incline. The reaction sent shockwaves through the pack and a lead group of 20 to 25 ripped away in a sinewy, single-file line that spread out up and down the long hill.

The strung-out chasers caught Gutcheck and Adam Ignoble Koble countered while everyone was gasping for air. Ignoble opened up a 200 meter gap, looked back, and kept pounding away. Chad Fats Capobianco and Brian Big Hill recognized an opportunity and attacked out of the lead group and managed to go clear and began to work in concert to bridge the gap to Ignoble, who was still 5 seconds up the road and pedaling away like a fool in love.

Ig-Noble crossed the Pink Church Finish Line and won the intermediate sprint and kept going. He turned right onto Cane Creek and as he began the 1 kilo fall down the steep, snakelike descent, he looked back and saw the two chasers closing rapidly. Ignoble eased back on the gas, took a drink of go juice, and allowed the other two to make contact while they were all flying down the hill. With 6 miles to go, three dangerous riders had a 10 second gap.

The three escapees worked together like a Swiss Watch up and over the dastardly Cane Creek Wall and continued working in unison as they turned right onto Crooked Creek and then back onto Jefferson River Road. With 4 miles to go, they were working like galley slaves and still holding a significant 10 to 12 second gap.

A group of about 15 of the strongest Zealots were in the first chase group in hot pursuit as they began the three mile, mostly downhill run on Jefferson River Road before the last 1 mile uphill run to the line. Current Hub Overall Leader the Big O Oscar Clark was forced to go to the front and do the plowman’s share of the chasing and he led the charge down the hill at 30 miles per hour, sometimes faster. But ahead, the trio was working in perfect harmony and not giving an inch. The chase was inching its way back but in a torturous and painful way. This was shaping up to be a nail-biter.

With 2 miles to go as the downhill portion of the course began to run out, the trio still held a 7 second gap, but the chase group was tearing down the pavement so fast their wheels were smoking—though all the riders who made this group had proved their mettle, at this late point in the day many were becoming unhinged. But who could blame them, they’d been on the rivet for over 6 miles.

When the leading trio turned right at Alligator Pond with 1 mile to go, they held a tenuous 5 second gap, but the group behind smelled blood. The chasers pounced on the steep, bottom part of the long hill and the last half of the line exploded and dropped away and a front group of 8 split off and swept up the three riders who’d now been away for over 7 miles. Though the three brave souls were run down like mangy dogs, it had been one helluva gutsy try.

The Zealots in the group of 8 attacked each other with vicious kicks and countered with powerful assaults, but this close to the line, no one could pull free. The riders were at their limit but refused to lay down and die but with 400 meters to go, just as another vicious attack was reeled in, Hit Man shot out of the lead group like a fired bullet. Only Scarano was cagey enough to jump quickly and he latched on to Brown’s wheel and the two opened up a twenty-five meter gap in two blinks of one eye.

The chasers hesitated for the first time and Brown stood and dug and held on for a dramatic win, his 11th lifetime victory in the WBL, with an impressive Scarano nipping at his heels. The two leaders finished 3 seconds up on Big Frank Traveiso, Brendan Bam Bam Cornett, David Notso Goodman and a resilient Fat Cappy. The remnants rolled across the line in ones and twos.

Newcomer Chris Mojo Mojock one the day for the Non Pros with Ashley Catwalk Gruber scoring her second consecutive win for the Ladies. 15 year old Megan the Hammer Heath again impressed with a strong performance and moved into the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey and became the youngest ever to hold the top spot in the WBL. Also finishing the day with impressive performances were Tommy Jim Morrison, Erin Boots Winter, Brody Bro Bro Hartley, Kenneth K Man Fisher and Team Type 1’s Philly Southerland. With 2 events to go, the Overall is still up in the air.

Salud, ladies and gents, on another fine day!


  1. Thomas Brown: 10 pts.
  2. Andy Scarano: 8 pts.
  3. Frank Travieso: 6 pts.
  4. Brendan Cornett: 4 pts.
  5. David Goodman: 2 pts.
  6. Chad Cappy: 1 pt
  7. Adam Koble, Chad Capobianco, Brian Hill: Attack Points: 2 pts.

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Chris Mojock: 7 pts.
  2. David Heath : 5 pts.
  3. Damien Dunn: 3 pts.
  4. Brody Hartley: 2 pts.
  5. Tony Sciarini: 1 pts.

Ladies Finish:

  1. Ashley Gruber: 7 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  3. Erin Winter: 3 pts.
  4. Morgan Patton-Brown, Madeleine Pearce, Jane Tullis: 2 pts

Hoschton City Limit Sprint (Ladies):

  1. Morgan Patton-Brown: 5 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 4 pts.
  3. Ashley Gruber: 3 pts.
  4. Jane Tullis: 2 pts.
  5. Madeleine Pearce: 1 pt.

S Apple Valley Hill Jam (Non Pro):

  1. Tommy Morrison: 5 pts.
  2. Damien Dunn: 4 pts.
  3. Brody Hartley: 3 pts.
  4. David Heath: 2 pts.
  5. Kenneth Fisher: 1 pt

J River Wall Hill Debacle (Pro):

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts.
  2. Thomas Brown: 2 pts.
  3. Oscar Clark: 1 pt

Pink Church Sprint (Pro):

  1. Adam Noble: 3 pts.
  2. Chad Capobianco: 2 pts.
  3. Brian Hill: 1 pt


Big Frank Travieso uncorked his patented “thunderdome sprint®” in this past Saturday’s WBL event, The Brown’s Lake Oconee Classic—a 100 mile misadventure way down south below I-20—and flattened the remnants of an 10-man winning break and won his 7th lifetime WBL ride in the process. Big Frank played his cards to perfection in the perfidious Flatrock Road Attack Zone, making sure he covered every dangerous move that moved up the road, and refusing to budge from the top three in line during the final 2 mile uphill run to the line. And when the front group did come to the finish line, though Brendan Bam Bam Cornett was closest, no one could match Big Frank’s initial jump and wicked turn of speed that followed. In the Non Pro class, Pat the Rainman Raines showed his mettle and made the front group with another old man, Jason the Slayer Bewley who was hot on his heels. Kudos to the only two Non Pros who made the winning move. The General Morgan Patton Brown dominated the day on the Ladies’ side of the ledger and moved within 2 points of the Big O, Oscar Clark. With 1 ride to go, the WBL HUB’s LEADER JERSEY is up for grabs and the Overall Winner (and ultimate millionaire) will be determined on the last ride. Pay-per-View rights are rumored to be in the neighborhood of 56 million dollars.

The Saturday pack of hardcore Zealots was treated to another day of eternal sunshine and warm temps as they pushed their way south of the border, down through Hard Labor State Park, across I-20, and into the land of sand and pine trees. The pack pushed beyond the pale, into terra incognita, the white spaces at the edge of our maps, under the guidance of Jered Gutcheck Gruber, who valiantly herded the group (from the front) across these beautiful but dangerous lands. The pack was treated to mild crosswinds and headwinds during the first half of the ride, but when the road curved back home, the group put the wind to its back and pressed the accelerator. By the time the group hit the Flatrock Road Attack Zone on this 100 mile day, they’d been cruising over the countryside for 4 hours at an average clip of 21 miles per hour—it had been a solid day.

When the group hit the fast and flowing 6.5 mile Flatrock Road Attack Zone they were instantly strung out as the they started flying down the first long hill. When the road canted upwards 1 mile later the Captain Cajun Eric Murphy was the first to draw blood. Guctcheck Gruber stretched the pack very thin at the front as the road tilted up but after 500 meters at the front he couldn’t break the grip of the group who, though fighting and clawing for their lives, were hanging on by the skin of their teeth. But when Gutcheck finally eased back, Captain Cajun shot off the front like he’d been fired from a cannon—BOOM!—200 meter gap! Captain looked back, whispered laissez les bons temps rouler, and hammered up the road as if somebody’d shouted “FREE CHICKEN GUMBO!” Behind, alarm bells were screeching to the high heavens and panic set in. This group was experienced enough to know not to let a Louisianan ride up the road.

The Murphy’s attack was brought back after 1 mile, but the reaction behind did cause a vicious and permanent split behind as the main body ripped into 4 separate groups with 4.5 miles to go. Because of the savagery of the response behind, the winning 10 person group ripped off the front at this point, only 2 miles in. Traviesio, Cornett, O Clark, Scarano, Gutcheck, T Brown, Goodman, Raines, J Bewley and J McQuerry were the members of this 10 person rabble, and though many of the group members might have questionable reputations, having such a solid core of strong riders up the road guaranteed this would not be an easy ride home.

The group of frontrunners caught Murphy as they turned right on Oliver Bridge Road and then Bam Bam Cornett powered off the front and pedaled away like he was born to do just that. Bam Bam opened up a significant 200 meter gap and shot down the long, winding descent like a missile. The riders behind however weren’t resting on their laurels and they also flew down the declivitous slope at breakneck speeds. As Bam Bam was captured as he turned right on Flatrock Road with 2 miles to go: There were 10 at the front breathing fire out of their noses dreaming of a WBL win.

The final 2 miles is an evil, uphill run the entire way to the line. The road is rough and as usual, unfriendly crosswinds were blowing. The attacks began in earnest right away, on the steepest part of the hill, as both Gutcheck and the Big O pushed the group to its limit with vicious assaults off the front. Even though these attacks fried the quads of several others, no one could manage to snap the rubber band and move clear. And Big Frank covered everything at this point—like a shark in shallow waters, he was a sprinter who smelled blood.

The other riders knew they had to outfox Big Frank and somehow go clear before the sprint, but it couldn’t be done. Travieso refused to lose at this point and smothered all moves and with 200 meters to stood up and grunted and unleashed the devil—his high octane, animal sprint—the “thunderdome sprint®” that is so powerful it can rip a 100-year-old oak tree out of the ground by its roots. No mere mortal can match Travieso’s power when he lets his sprint genie out of its bottle and as he won by a bike length over Bam Bam Cornett, who was coming up fast and nipped the Big O at the line. Scarano and Goodman once again showed they are forces to contend with as they made the lead group and rounded out the top 5, with Raines, Bewley and McQuerry not far behind. Salud to all the members of this potent 10 man pack for a job well done.

With 1 ride to go, the 2015 Overall Win is up in the air. Only 2 points separate Clark from Patton-Brown with the Top 5 sill in a logjam among Cornett, Asley Gruber, Brown, and M Heath, Scarano, D Dunn, Travesio and J Gruber. Hold onto your hats, there’s about to be a rumble

If anyone’s interested, this past week I was in a helicopter that was shot down over Kabul by an RPG. We hunkered down in the desert for 2 days. It’s a long story. I am not stepping down.


  1. Frank Travieso: 10 pts.
  2. Brendan Cornett: 8 pts.
  3. Oscar Clarke: 6 pts.
  4. Andy Scarano: 5 pts.
  5. Jered Gruber: 4 pts.
  6. David Goodman: 3 pts.
  7. Thomas Brown: 2 pts
  8. Pat Raines 1 pts.
  9. Make the first Group: Jason Bewley, Justin McQuerry: 1 pt.

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Pat Raines: 7 pts.
  2. Jason Bewley : 5 pts.
  3. Damien Dunn: 3 pts.
  4. Morgan Patton Brown: 2 pts.
  5. Tony Sciarini: 1 pts.

Ladies Finish:

  1. Morgan Patton Brown: 7 pts.
  2. Ashley Gruber: 5 pts.
  3. Erin Winter: 3 pts.

Bishop City Limit Sprint (Ladies):

  1. Morgan Patton-Brown: 3 pts.
  2. Erin Winter: 2 pts.
  3. Ashley Gruber: 1 pt.

Price Mill Hill Jam (Non Pro):

  1. Damien Dunn: 3 pts.
  2. Tommy Morrison: 2 pts.
  3. Tony Sciarini: 1 pts.

Antioch Wall Hill Jam (Pro):

  1. Oscar Clarke: 3 pts.
  2. Thomas Brown: 2 pts.
  3. Andy Scarano: 1 pt


The Big O Oscar Clark rolled double-snake eyes in the last WBL ride of the year, the Gruber Images Old Wildcat Valentine’s Day Massacre and just as he’d done earlier in the season, soloed in for the win in a masterful display of power pedaling. Clark ripped off the front of the lead group and into a vicious cross wind with 7 miles to go, and while he never had more than a ten second gap to a small but stout group of chasers, he never let off the gas and pounded his poor pedals into submission: he simply refused to lose. The Big O crossed the finish line clad in the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey with both his arms raised like flagpoles. Tears flowed like a river because with his win, he also locked up the Overall Win for 2015 and his name will now be forever inked in the WBL Historical Ledger. Tears also flowed because he realized he would not have to pay taxes on the 2.3 million he won in prize money—the WBL pays cash!

The last ride of the year once again took place under a sky blanketed by blue and full of yellow sun. But today, the wind was blowing and swirling like seven drunken banshees being thrown out of a bar. It was a chilly wind that cut through clothes and pushed against the pack for most of the day, and which only grew to its most egregious state when the group hit the Gene Dixon-Hargrove Lake Final Attack Zone. Not to mention Jered Gutcheck Gruber, with help from like-minded soul Chris Deluise, took it upon his shoulders to pull the pack at uncomfortable clips for long stretches at a time…always with a smile on his face and a warm spot in his heart.

As soon as the group turned onto Hargrove Lake Road to begin the arduous 9-mile Final Attack Zone, Gutcheck and the Big O spread them thin. The wind was gusting at 25 miles per hour and was hitting the pack on the right shoulder. The Zealots went diving for a wheel when the two sinister cyclists stretched them into a long, sinewy single file line, but Clark and Gruber were only sending out test attacks at this point. But the death blow would come shortly.

Over the top of the first surly beast, one of six monster hills in this Attack Zone, a group of a half dozen tore off the front. Gruber, Clark, Travieso, Cornett, T Brown and Deluise looked back and saw they had small 3 second gap but also recognized that a three second gap in this wind was more like a country mile—it was damn difficult to cross alone.

Over the first hill the wind hit the riders like a punch in the face. Clark recognized an opportunity and went to the front and opened it up full throttle and put the riders behind in the gutter and kept them there until he snapped off the front. His gap was a scant three seconds to the four strongmen behind, and there was still 7 miles to go, so there was plenty of time to bring him back. (Famous line silently spoken by many tired riders.)

But the Big O put is head down and hammered relentlessly; he didn’t let up. He crushed the second and third big hummocks and won the intermediate sprint and kept right on going. Behind, the chasers recognized the danger of Clark’s bold move and were in an all-out blitzkrieg to bring him back, rotating and pulling through and burning their candles at both ends. Clark couldn’t pull away, but neither could the chasers close and as he turned left on Smithonia, he was holding a tenuous 8 second gap—he could lose that in the final 1.5 miles when he would pedaling directly into this ferocious headwind.

As Clark turned right on Melton Road with 1.5 miles to go and faced not only the obstacle of the wind, but also the road, his gap quickly closed to 5 seconds—he was going to get caught close to the line. But the Big O had other plans and he just continued pounding on his pedals and breathing in a barrelful of air with each breath. He refused to give up the ghost and held his lead up the nast 300 meter incline to the finish line and won his 3rd event of the year. At the line, he was holding a 4 second gap over Brendan Cornett, who with his 2nd place finish and overall consistent riding this winter, moved into 3rd Place in the Overall. T Hit Man Brown and Jered Gruber, the remnants of the chase, rounded at the top 4. Despite missing two rides, Hit Man’s strong rides, not to mention his win, pushed him into a tie for 4th place in the Overall.

Jason Bewley and Sean Philyaw finished 5th and 6th respectively, but were also 1 and 2 in the Non Pro and proved once again that old men can dance. Morgan Patton-Brown dominated in the Ladies sprints and finished 2nd Overall in this year’s WBL, only missing the win by a cat’s whisker. She pushed Clark to his limit and forced him to win the last event in order to win the Overall. It was the closest and most fiercely fought WBL in a decade. Ashley Catwalk Gruber also showed strength and stamina which belies her frame, finishing 2nd for the Ladies on this day and winding up tied for 4th in the Overall. That Lady just loves to ride! Salud Ladies and Gents, on another great year.


  1. Oscar Clark: 10 pts.
  2. Brendan Cornett: 8 pts.
  3. Thomas Brown: 6 pts.
  4. Jered Gruber: 4 pts.
  5. Jason Bewley: 2 pts.
  6. Sean Philyaw: 1 pt
  7. Pull Points: Jered Gruber, Chris Deluise: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Jason Bewley: 5 pts.
  2. Sean Philyaw: 3 pts.
  3. Brody Hartley: 1 pts.

Ladies Finish:

  1. Morgan Patton Brown: 5 pts.
  2. Ashley Gruber: 3 pts.
  3. Erin Winter: 2 pts.
  4. Madeleine Pearce: 1pt

Old Wildcat Bridge Hill Jam (Ladies):

  1. Morgan Patton-Brown: 3 pts.
  2. Ashley Gruber: 2 pts.
  3. Erin Winter: 1 pt

Old Wildcat Bridge Hill Jam (Non Pro):

  1. Damien Dunn: 3 pts.
  2. Sean Philyaw: 2 pts.
  3. Brody Hartley: 1 pts.

Gene Dixon Hill Jam (Pro):

  1. Oscar Clarke: 3 pts.
  2. Thomas Brown: 2 pts.
  3. Brendan Cornett: 1 pt

WBL 2016 Final Overall

  1. 113 pts: Travieso
  2. 101 pts: Megan Heath
  3. 92 pts: Dylan Cantrell
  4. 80 pts: Gutcheck Gruber
  5. 68 pts: Ashley Gruber
  6. 63 pts: Dillon Swaim
  7. 60 pts: Sean Philyaw
  8. 58 pts: Andy Scarano
  9. 58 pts: Willem Kaiser
  10. 58 pts: Ian Garrison
  11. 58 pts: Jane Tullis
  12. 57 pts: Loren Morgan
  13. 54 pts: Huntley Nash
  14. 51 pts: Frank Crumley
  15. 51 pts; Austin Ulich
  16. 49 pts: Natty Dunn
  17. 48 pts: Madeleine Pearce
  18. 47 pts: Harrison Nguy
  19. 46 pts: Thomas Brown
  20. 45 pts: Jim Baynes
  21. 44 pts: Sara True
  22. 44 pts: Brendan Cornett
  23. 44 pts: Oscar Clark
  24. 44 pts: Bob Heath
  25. 44 pts: David Heath
  26. 44 pts: Blake Wilson
  27. 44 pts: Kathleen Laporte
  28. 43 pts: Emily Cox
  29. 41 pts: Scott Morris
  30. 40 pts: David Goodman
  31. 37 pts: Nicholas Fedenco
  32. 36 pts: Kevin O’Donnell
  33. 36 pts: Daniel CR Paniconi
  34. 35 pts: Liam Ainslee
  35. 35 pts: Davis Branyon
  36. 35 pts: Josh Smith
  37. 34 pts: Erik Gruenwedel
  38. 34 pts: Brick Dangerblade
  39. 34 pts: Ty Magner
  40. 33 pts: Gabriel Mendez
  41. 32 pts: Brian Bonsignore
  42. 32 pts: Kim Cantrell
  43. 32 pts: Mark Klein
  44. 31 pts: Oliver Quinn
  45. 31 pts: Justin Smith
  46. 30 pts: Jackson Gilbert
  47. 29 pts: Will Saunders
  48. 28 pts: Emile Abraham
  49. 27 pts: Andrew Hodges
  50. 27 pts: Big Jon Atkins
  51. 26 pts: Josh Smith
  52. 25 pts: Heather Riniker
  53. 24 pts: Emily Cox
  54. 23 pts: Larry Waters
  55. 22 pts: Don Newman
  56. 21 pts: Thomas Duke
  57. 21 pts: Robert Conaster
  58. 20 pts: Matthew Miller
  59. 20 pts: Heather Riniker
  60. 19 pts: Chris Mojock
  61. 19 pts: Eric Murphy
  62. 19 pts: Sam Rafal
  63. 18 pts: Matt Whatley
  64. 17 pts; Jason Bewley
  65. 17 pts: Bill Kerrigan
  66. 17 pts: Thom Leonard
  67. 17 pts: Frank Santoya
  68. 16 pts: Matthew Swaim
  69. 16 pts: Robert Evans
  70. 16 pts: Daudi Cob
  71. 16 pts: Brent Betz
  72. 16 pts: Lee Fox
  73. 15 pts: Maria Carrelli
  74. 15 pts: Chris Robinson
  75. 14 pts: Elliot Caldwell
  76. 13 pts: Mike Szalkowski
  77. 13 pts: Jeff May-Fly
  78. 13 pts: Chris Delgado
  79. 13 pts: John Butler
  80. 13 pts: Demetry Campbell
  81. 12 pts: Hannah Shell
  82. 12 pts: Bill Lanlizotta
  83. 12 pts: Ryan Wolfe
  84. 12 pts: Eddie Murray
  85. 12 pts: Sean Sigl
  86. 11 pts: Ryan Wolfe
  87. 11 pts: Mark Cassell
  88. 11 pts: Jonathon Cooper
  89. 11 pts: Chad Hayes
  90. 11 pts: Matthew Swaim
  91. 11 pts: Morgan Patton Brown
  92. 10 pts: John Murphy
  93. 10 pts: Phil O’Donnell
  94. 10 pts: Micahel Trivette
  95. 10 pts: Pat Raines
  96. 10 pts: Wesley Garland
  97. 10 pts: Seth Rider