Over 100 Zealots took part in the Home Opener for WBL 2015-16, Trivette’s Harrowing Ride to Good Hope, and tallied 75 miles beneath glorious sunshine and mild temps. Thomas Manx Man Brown and Tank Crumley put the pack on their wheels and spent so much time at the front pulling the poor minions behind that were fined and ordered to ride another 15 miles, which they did, and then consume a 6-pack of high gravity beer, which they did also. We did not order Manx Man to get into a fistfight with a police officer after the fact—he did that on his own. The 4 hour sortie into the southern hemisphere on the Empire was attended by some of the more despicable, deplorable and


Once again, over 100 Zealots partook of the second event of the season on a glorious, near record-breaking mid-seventy-degree day as the grupettto racked-up another 75 miles on its annual trek to the northern outpost of Homer. The 4,000 feet of climbing was simply an extra gift bestowed by CEO Brigs Carney and his diabolical cadre of route planners. At this point over 70 Zealots are tied for the HUB’s LEADER JERSEY with a total of 8 points. We also want to remember two of our brothers-in-arms who took a tumble during the days’ event, Wes Parrish and Chris Whalen. Both riders are home so send them both prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes or instant karma. If you don’t know how to do any of the above, then send them money because a gift of cash always makes a person feels better.

The WBL also wants to take this opportunity as we approach the sprints to remind riders to ride smoothly and efficiently at all times. We strive to ride a quick but steady pace and avoid sudden accelerations and decelerations. Also, remember to ride 2-abreast at all times from the front of the pack to the back. This is always a work in progress, but when the perfect, double-file pace line is achieved, it is truly a work of art. So be a painter and help us paint a perfect canvas.


Over 60 serious (but highly sensitive) riders took part in the day after Christmas WBL gala and were rewarded with blue skies, warm sunshine and buckets of sweat, however, the blinding glare created by the abundance of chalky skin—bare arms and legs—caused a whiteout on a spectacularly sunny day, the first ever in the history of humankind. Dillon Swain deserves a lot of the blame and Larry Mineral Man Waters is threatening to sue. “My eyeballs are scarred for life,” Mineral Man claimed through his lawyer Clay the Pettifogger Parks. The feisty post-Christmas Day group covered 62 miles at a smooth and steady 21 mile-per-hour clip, driving a plum line into the eastern region of the Emporium before arcing north and circling back through the backwaters of Oglethorpe and Madison Counties. It was a day chocked full of roadside chicken farms, horses and cows, gawking bystanders, rolling pastures, deer processors, trailer parks and very few cars. It was a such a sweet day that it could portend future doom—Fortuna’s whether wheel usually achieves equilibrium in the long run.

Several riders set themselves up to take control of the Hub’s Leader’s Jersey when next weekend’s double dose of sprint events begins by attending all four events so far this season: Young Frazier Cycling phenom Megan Orange Crush Heath looks poised to step right into the Leader’s Jersey with the upcoming Full Circle Ladies Day Sprint on News Year Day by racking up 15 points to date, the maximum allotted so far to any one rider. (David Goodman request for an extra point because he is “so damn good looking” was unanimously denied by the Board. Huntley Nash’s too.) But Orange Crush better look over her shoulder because her little bro, David Heath aka Red Man Riding, is breathing down her neck and could pass her in points on the following day on the Parks Law Firm Danielsville Classic. Also sitting pretty and ready to rock and roll are Sean Seesaw Philyaw, Davis Phinney Branyon, Fat Frank Crumley, Bob Dylan Cantrell, Nappy Dunn, Loren Fait Morgan(a), Kevin Candy-O’Donnell, Marco Pantani Paniconi, Ron-Don Newman, Justin Case Smith and Blake the Snake Smith, all with 15 points. But don’t look back because a train named “Travesio” is coming and he’s barreling down the runway at supersonic speed. Old man Travieso, though only with 7 points, has turned 35 and is eligible to sprint Saturday in the Non Pro event and he’s been dubbed Las Vegas oddsmakers “favorite” to win. But conspiracies abound and trash-talking is at a fever pitch. For example, last night at a press conference Fat Frank Crumley said Frank Travieso “will never beat me in a hill sprint because he’s even fatter than me.” He then guffawed and turned up a 44-ounce Magnum and killed it one hard pull. Then he belched into the microphone and crushed the can on his head.

Stay tuned: the B-52s are being loaded with bombs and they are just about to drop!


17-year-old cycling firebrand Megan Orange Crush Heath pummeled the competition with a scorching uphill sprint on the Full Circle Ladies Day Commerce Classic and not only scored her first WBL lifetime win, surely the first of many to come, but also moved into a commanding lead in the Hub Overall competition with a total of 28 points. Not to be outdone, her partner in crime and Frazier Cycling Teammate, 15-yeard-old Jane the Turbinator Tullis, was hot on her heels and blew across the line in 2nd with her own powerful sprint and moved into second place in the Overall Competition with a total of 23 points. Emily Cox, Kathleen Laporte and Heather Riniker rounded out the Top 5 while Ashley Gruber, Amanda Calvird, Maria Carrelli, Christine Grant, Loren Morgan, Madeleine Pearce and Kalen Lee Scholz all had strong performances and made this day one these ladies won’t soon forget. Nor the guys because they didn’t know ladies could be so tough and mean. Lesson learned5

The Ladies rolled up 64 miles on New Year’s Day 2016 and assured themselves good luck for the rest of the year by doing so. About 65 Zealots took part in Friday’s festivities and cut a beeline straight north of town into Jackson County before bending back and hammering over the cruel contours of Waterworks, South Apple Valley and Brockton Loop Roads. The profile of these roads looks like piranha teeth and the steep slopes only served to shock the riders’ legs with a few thousand volts before the ladies tackled the first Attack Zone of the year, the grim and inexorable Pink Church Sprint. The finish line on the P.C. Sprint comes after a 1-mile uphill grind from Alligator Pond. When the Ladies first took the right at Alligator Pond and the Attack Zone opened, the gaggle of dangerous femmes fatales watched each other like nervous hawks—no one wanted to be the first to make a move. The Ladies moved steadily as a group up the unyielding slope but with a little under half-a-mile to the line, Ashley Goober-Gruber drew first blood. Goober threw down the gauntlet and launched a massive attack that shook the earth and rattled the rafters in a few nearby homes. Goober opened up a gap on the other ladies and she stood and grimaced and flailed away at her handlebars as her eyeballs bulged out of her head and strings of spittle whipsawed out of her mouth. Only the cagey Orange Crush Heath was able to latch on to Goober’s wheel but to do so O.C. had to dig like a dog that was looking for its buried bone. 250 meters from paydirt a fat cow jumped on Goober’s back and her pedals turned into concrete blocks. Orange Crush smelled blood and made her move, leaping out from behind like a cannon shot—she left the others gasping for air. But Jane the Turbinator Tullis played the perfect teammate and bided her time until the others were running on fumes and thenshe jumped clear to take 2nd. Behind the Turbinator came Cox, Laporte and Riniker, followed closely home by the others. Salud Ladies for a Solid Day.

Tomorrow the Non-Pros take center stage but Orange Crush cannot be caught, she can only be tied.

Full Circle Real Estate Ladies Day Classic:

  1. Megan Heath: 10 points
  2. Jane Tullis: 8 points:
  3. Emily Cox: 6 points:
  4. Kathleen Laporte: 4 pts
  5. Heather Riniker: 2 pts.
  6. Attack Point: Ashley Gruber: 1 pt.

The Hub Overall:

  1. Megan Heath: 28 points
  2. Jane Tullis: 23 points:
  3. Others (present for all rides): 18 points


Frank Travieso, aka The Cuban Missile Crisis, tallied his 8th lifetime WBL win with a ferocious, knee-knocker sprint at the tail end of the Parks Law Firm Danielsville Classic, a 67 mile sortie into a rural quadrant of Carney’s expansive empire. But it was also a day for a gang of young upstarts as Dylan Cantrell, Gabriel Mendez and Davis Branyon, all tee-totaling teenagers, ripped across the line in 2nd, 3rd and 4th. In fact, Travieso had to shift to warp speed in the last 50 meters when he felt the hot breath of Killer Cantrell burning his neck…and Killer wasn’t blowing in his ear, he was trying to flatten Travieso. Rounding out the podium was the ageless superstar Sean Hay-Yall Philyaw who still managed the strength to grab the last podium spot (5th) after a stinging attack that set off alarm bells in the pack.

When the arduous 5-mile Kenny Rogers Attack Zone first opened (Non Pro Sprint), Pro Tour rider and last year’s Overall Winner the Big O Oscar Clark set off up the Kenny Rogers Hill, a ½ mile climb that will cause a blowout in a rider’s lungs, like a scalded dog looking for the closest watering hole. The Big O kept stomped up the hill in his big ring it in his big ring, stringing out the 65-person group behind into a long, thin line and eventually causing a rupture about halfway back—the 65 person group was sliced in two. At the top of the climb, even though the road leveled out, it didn’t get easier—Ty Magner, the Emperor of Athens, took over the helm and kept the petal pressed to the floor. And when The Emperor pulled off, a half dozen other Pros and Cat 1s pulled through and started to rotate. Brandan Bam Bam Cornett, Andy Scarface Scarano, Austin Hans Solo Ulich and even Travieso pulled through and rotated at a pernicious pace. Attacking wasn’t an option at this point; one’s only concern was hanging on to this fast moving train.

After a couple of miles, the hateful half dozen that caused such consternation in the group relaxed for a split second and Sean Hay Yall Philyaw blasted out like an adulterer fleeing from a scorned husband carrying a double barrel shotgun. Hay Yall opened up a 100-meter gap with a little over 2 miles to go. But although Hay Yall kept the wolves at bay for nearly 1 mile, the pack behind was too powerful and eventually ran him down. And when contact was made, Chris the Bull Mojock sped away and was quickly joined by Magner and Bam Bam Cornett. The three quickly fell into formation and started trading monster pulls. When the 3 escapees took the last right hand turn on Melton road with 1.5 miles to go, they held a tenuous 5 second gap—if they could keep the pressure on it might just be possible to pull the Bull to his first WBL win. But the two dozen chasers were hungry and refused to relax and kept the speed high and made the capture with less than 1 mile to go. When the lead group arrowed down the last steep downhill and hit the final uphill run to the finish line, a 500-meter stretch that runs straight up into the clouds, they were topping 40 miles-per-hour—only the strong of mind and the stout of heart need apply for this win. The Cuban Missile rode wheels until 200 meters to go and then exploded out of the group and thundered across the line for the win with the surprising 18 year-old Dylan the Killer Cantrell not far behind.

In the battle for the Overall, it’s the Young Upstarts who sit atop the leaderboard. Megan Heath (17 years old) still sits on top of the dunghill but Dylan Cantrell (18) is nipping at her heels. And Jane Tullis (15) and Davis Branyon (16) ain’t far behind. Don’t be alarmed but a gaggle of teenagers are now in control! The games have definitely begun!


  1. Travieso: 10 pts.
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 8 pts
  3. Gabriel Mendez: 6 pts.
  4. Davis Branyon: 4 pts.
  5. Sean Philyaw: 2 pts.
  6. Attack Point: Philyaw, Mojock: 1 pt.


The Big O, Oscar Clark, scored his 7th lifetime WBL win on a brutal, take-no-prisoners, kick-em-in-the-teeth Final Attack Zone on the Ken Bike Law – Classic City Bread Madison Classic, an 85-mile romp through the southern lowlands. Jackson Gilbert won the final sprint for the Non Pros and Olympian Sara True crossed the line first for the Ladies. But Megan Heath held serve and pushed her lead out even more in the Hub Overall Competition, while the old goat Sean Philyaw surged into 2nd place with stellar day. The quick pace, the gray skies, and the wind and the rain will make Madison 2016 one to remember for all the brave souls who rode. In a rare show of generosity, Carney awarded a Foul Weather Point to all who signed in.

The four-and-a-half-hour sortie started beneath overcast, blustery skies and the threat of afternoon rain kept all away except the truly black hearted, unfeeling, insensitive and inconsiderate. About 65 hardcore cycle-nabobs, hoping for a bit of good luck, said a prayer, crossed themselves, rubbed their lucky chicken claw, threw salt over their shoulder, howled at the moon and then took off for Madison at a dastardly clip—they were hoping to keep the rain (and the wolves) at bay. Interim CEOs Jered Gutcheck Gruber and Fat Frank Crumley were determined to lead their charges to Madison and back home before the afternoon rains came, and they almost succeeded…depending on your definition of “almost.”

10 miles before the pack hit the bedeviling Flat Rock Road Final Attack Zone, the waterlogged clouds started sprinkling a fine mist down on the riders, and it didn’t let up until after the final sprint 16 miles down the road. When the group hit Wire Bridge Road and the Final Attack Zone opened, Cartersville’s favorite son Brick Dangerfield started the disco ball spinning when he blew off the front like a popped champagne cork. Killem Kaiser saw the girth of Dangerblade’s thighs and thought he best latch on, so he did, and the two pillagers opened up a dangerous gap. Alarm bells wailed behind and the pack went into a full panic.

When Killem and Brick House took the first right turn onto Oliver Bridge Road 2 miles into affairs, they were trailed at 5 seconds by Oscar C and Scarface Scarano, and behind these two were another seven or eight another 5 seconds in arrears (Magner, Gruber, Goodman, Cornett, Swaim, Ulich, Deluise). Behind these three fast-moving groups was a group of pack of 10 hammerheads that contained the first Non Pro as well as the first lady with still other riders trailing behind, all motoring at heart attack pace. The Flatrock Road Attack Zone was once again living up to its incorrigible reputation.

Brick House streaked down the fast flowing, snaking contours of Oliver Bridge Road like a carbon arrow flung from a compound bow. Killem looked back and saw his teammate Scarano chasing behind with Clark, so he graciously let Brick House do most of the work. And though Clark and Scarano were closing, the front four were opening up an insurmountable gap behind. The Big O and Scarface caught the front two after a gut-churning, soul-searing chase, and when the quartet took the final right on Flatrock Road with 2 miles to go, they had a 15 second gap on a hateful half dozen.

The four frontrunners showed their strength and experience and fell into smooth, rotating paceline, making it impossible for those behind to close the gap—the winner would come from this group and these riders knew fortune and fame were at hand. The four flat out flew over the rough pavement even though this stretch of road tilts upwards all the way to the line. With 1 mile to go, because of the hellish tempo, Scarface became slightly unhinged; the three up front (Kaiser, Brick House and Big O) were at their limit and the levy was just about to break—the look on all three’s faces suggested they’d just smelled a skunk.

With 500 meters to go the Big O jumped his compatriots and opened up a small, tenous gap, but he gritted his teeth and stomped on his pedals and held off his two (former) friends and companions by 3 seconds. He threw up both arms and cried a river as he crossed the line. Killem barely outkicked Brick for 2nd and Gruber and Magner rolled in by their lonesome to round out the Top 5. Jackson Gilbert won the filed sprint for the Non Pros followed closely by Big Daddy Philyaw and Harrison No-go Nguy. First time WBL rider and new Zealot Sara True won the sprint for the Ladies trailed closely by Megan Firebrand Heath and Ashley Catwalk Gruber. Because Heath won the Ladies intermediate sprint she has a firm grip on the Hub Overall Competition and is threatening to run away with it, but Big Daddy Philyaw is keeping her in his crosshairs. Three Ladies sit in the Top 6 positions in the Overall (Heath, J Tullis and L Morgan) and youth is pushing out the Old Guard. The games are heating up and will soon be at a boil.


  1. Oscar Clark: 10 pts.
  2. Willem Kaiser: 8 pts
  3. Brick Dangerbalde: 6 pts.
  4. Jered Gruber: 4 pts.
  5. Ty Magner: 2 pts.
  6. Attack Point: Andy Scarano: 1 pt.
  7. Foul weather point (all): 1 pt

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Jackson Gilbert: 5 pts.
  2. Sean Philyaw: 3 pts.
  3. Harrison Nguy: 1 pt

Ladies Finish:

  1. Sara True: 5 pts.
  2. Megan Heath: 3 pts.
  3. Ashley Gruber: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Bishop):

  1. Megan Heath: 3 pts.
  2. Jane Tullis: 2 pts
  3. Lauren Morgan: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Antioch Hill):

  1. Sean Philyaw: 3 pts.
  2. Oliver Quinn: 2 pts
  3. Kevin O’Donnell: 1 pt.

WBL # 8 (1-16-16): The ISymphony-Cappy’s Custom Cabinets Paoli Junction Classic:

Tytus Magner, the Emperor of A Town, scored a brilliant victory with an 8-mile solo effort at the end of a brutal, blustery 82-mile day. The Emperor crushed the half dozen hateful hills in the dastardly Gene Dixon Final Attack Zone and not only scored the win, but also nailed the intermediate sprint halfway in. Magner, with the help of his compatriot and partner in crime John the Kid Murphy, left a passel of heavyweight contenders fighting for scraps and singing the Delta Blues as he swiped the lion’s share of the day’s purse. In the hunt for the Hub Overall Leader’s Competition, 16-year-old Firebrand Megan Heath once again tallied major points as she won the Ladies’ sprint and pushed her lead out to 10 points over the young sprinting wunderkind Dylan Kant Touch This Cantrell. Kant Touch This caromed up the leaderboard to move into 2nd place in the Overall Competition; but don’t look now because the Cuban Missile, Frank Traveiso, now that he’s now riding in the geriatric class and can double dip, scored more points than anyone on the wickedly windy day (18) and sailed up the totem pole too. He and Kant Touch This are now tied for 2nd in the Overall, each with 43 points, but still 10 points in arrears of the 16-year-old Firebrand Megan Heath.

The Gene Dixon Attack Zone is 9 miles long and hosts six hateful hummocks that are so hurtful they have been known to cause the most devout of atheists to drop down upon their knees and beg for a little old time religion. Well known hedonist and general man about town Justin Lucretius Smith even sang soprano in a gospel jubilee once after succumbing to the cruel contours of the six diabolical hills. When the Zealots first hit the faraway end of the GD Attack Zone they had already been bruised and battered by a pernicious pace that had been set by a bushel of powerful pedal-nabobs. Not to mention the wind was blowing so hard it was bending trees. As soon as the whistle blew Jered Gutcheck Gruber picked up the check and ran with it—he put the grupetto in the gutter as he hammered up the road. Behind, it was chaos as riders scrambled for a wheel. A few were flicked instantly and went cartwheeling across the cornfield as the wind swept them away.

As the group approached the lower slopes of the first giant riser, a half dozen strongmen rotated at the front—Jon Murphy, Magner, Ulich, Travieso and Gruber split the field and kept right on pumping. As the pack headed up the first hill, Murphy stood and stomped away, causing a confused farrago of mad scrambling behind. The chasers were able to make contact with Murphy at the crest of the climb, but that’s when Magner bolted upstream. Magner quickly opened up a 100-meter gap, but at that point his lead stabilized—they were chasing hard behind. But there was one obstacle, and it was Murphy. Murphy sat on anyone who followed and ultimately destabilized every chase. Though a group of four did pull within 5 seconds of Magner, they eventually abandoned all hope and gave up the ghost as the Emperor kept his head down and continued to wail away. As Magner took the final right hand turn on Melton Road, his lead had ballooned to 20 seconds and he knew the most spectacular win of his career was at hand. As he crossed the line with both hands held high, he knew history was being made. Behind ,Travieso nudged Murphy for 2nd and Ian Garrison and Scarano rounded out the Top 5. Bewley and Philyaw also showed staggering strength with impressive rides but the day also belonged to the Firebrand Megan Heath, who won the Ladies’ sprint once again. Kudos also to Sophia Loren Morgan and Ashley Catwalk Gruber for outstanding rides. With Alto looming, WBL 2016 has entered the epicenter of the storm.


  1. Ty Magner: 10 pts.
  2. Frank Travieso: 8 pts
  3. John Murphy: 6 pts.
  4. Ian Garrison: 4 pts.
  5. Andy Scarano: 2 pts.
  6. Brendan Cornett: 1 pt.

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Frank Travieso: 5 pts.
  2. Ian Garrison: 3 pts.
  3. Jason Bewley: 1 pt

Ladies Finish:

  1. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  2. Asley Gruber: 3 pts.
  3. Lauren Morgan: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Oglethorpe County):

  1. (Tie) Megan Heath: 2 pts.
  2. (Tie): Lauren Morgan; 2 pts
  3. AsHley Gruber: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Gene Dixon Hill):

  1. Dylan Cantrell: 3 pts.
  2. Frank Travieso: 2 pts
  3. Justin Smith: 1 pt.

Pro Sprint (Gene Dixon Hill):

  1. Ty Magner: 3 pts
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 2 pts.
  3. Frank Travieso: 1 pt


Dillon Swaim, a.k.a. the Artful Swami, ended up the cock-of-the dunghill at the tail end of an explosive Alto World Cup, the Granddaddy of them all, a 115-mile trek with 8,000 feet of climbing that leaves the safe confines of WBL Emporium and circles through the treacherous wilds of the barbericum. The Artful Swami won the final sprint from a breakaway group of four that formed after a couple of vicious attacks that blew apart an already decimated field. With his masterful win, Swami moved into 3rd spot in the HUB Overall competition with a total of 50 points. But the Frazier Firebrand, Megan Heath, dominated the Ladies sprints and tallied 20 points on the tumultuous day and pushed her already commanding lead in the Overall out even further with a total of 73 points. Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan Cantrell also and picked up a peck of points (16) and stayed within shouting distance of the lead with a remarkable display of both climbing and sprinting prowess (59 pts.). But lest we forget the Cuban Missile, Big Frank Travieso, who also stayed within gunshot range of the lead—the Cuban Missile is known to carry a bazooka and can nail a flea with his big guns from twenty leagues away. With three rides to go, including another World Cup, there’s still a profusion of points on the market, waiting to be grabbed a,nd guaranteeing it will be a battle royal for the Top 5.

Though Old Grumpus Winter had spewed down bone-chilling bullets of sleet and rain during the week, the clouds had scampered east ward by Game Time and the sky was scrubbed to a picture-perfect blue and the Zealots were treated to their 9th ride in a row. And though the frosty fingers of the winter still lingered when the grupetto pushed off from the HUB, it warmed quickly and continued to do so for the rest of the day. By the time the group hit the Alto Final Attack Zone at the 100-mile point, it was a balmy 53 degrees. The Zealots’ legs, however, were full of sizzle and pop.

The Red Devil himself hit out as soon as the whistle blew, and he was quickly joined by Swaim and Willem Kaiser. 1 mile into the Final Attack Zone and with 6 miles to go, the three escape artists had opened up a 10 second gap, a significant patch of real estate. Swami and Killem stuck their noses on the handlebars and hammered like their mamas had fried chicken and buttered biscuits waiting on them at home. The Red Devil became unhinged and with 5 miles to go, Killem and Swami were trading pulls and going all-out for the win.

Behind, Big Jon Atkins, a former two-time winner of Alto, and Jered Gutcheck Gruber snapped free from the galloping pack. These two attack zone vets knew they couldn’t tarry because to catch the two frontrunners they were going to have to push all their chips in. Though Gutcheck and Big Jon pulled clear of the thundering herd, at first they were not making significant inroads into Swami’s and Killem’s lead. But they kept on motoring like two raging rhinos and after a gut-wrenching, back-torqueing, lung-searing chase, Big Jon and Gruber made contact. With 4 miles to go the break was 20 seconds clear. But once again to linger meant death—the pack was flying behind.

As the four escapees headed up the last hummock in the Attack Zone on Seagraves Mill, Gutcheck launched a massive attack and opened a 50-meter gap and kept right on pushing. When Gruber turned right on Nowhere Road with 3 miles to go, his fissure had ballooned to 12 seconds and he looked like he was headed for the greatest win of his illustrious career. But once again, the three behind showed their savvy and never panicked and rotated smoothly. But Gruber was fully committed and he was driving, driving, driving, grimacing in pain, willing himself forward, pedaling like his destiny depended on winning this ride. Unfortunately, the three behind felt the same way and with 1.5 miles to go, caught a tiring Gruber. But now, in the distance, a chase group of five was riding hell-bent-for-leather and closing quickly—they might catch the front four. With 1 mile to go Killem attacked and moved clear—these four were throwing everything they had at each other. But no one was going to ride away this close to the line and the other three ran him down with 500 meters to go. The chase was only 250 meters in arrears but with 300 meters to go, Big Jon hit it hard and shot clear; but the others were full throttle too. Swami latched onto Big Jon with 200 meters to go and swung to the right, effectively blocking Gutcheck and Killem, and passed Big Jon 50 meters from the line and stole a huge win. Big Jon, in a ride for the ages, held on for 2nd and won the Non Pro sprint. Kudos to Gutcheck and Willem for a helluva ride—this Attack Zone was one of the more explosive in recent memeory. Bam Bam Cornett swept up 5th and Megan Heath once again won the day for the Gals. And though there were too many outstanding rides to name everyone, a slap on the back for gutsy rides to Kim Cantrell, Bob Heath, No Go Nguy, Jane Tullis, Erik Gruenwedel, Frank Crumley, Jim Baynes, Phil O’Donnell and Natty Dunn to name a few. Salud, Ladies and Gents, for an epic ride.

Alto Finish:

  1. Dillon Swaim: 15 pts.
  2. Big Jon Atkins: 12 pts
  3. Jered Gruber: 9 pts.
  4. Willem Kaiser: 6 pts.
  5. Brendan Cornett: 3 pts.
  6. Emile Abraham: 2 pt.
  7. Dylan Cantrell: 1 pt.
  8. Attack Point: Jered Gruber: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Big Jon Atkins: 10 pts.
  2. Emile Abraham: 8 pts.
  3. Dylan Cantrell: 6 pt
  4. Frank Traveiso: 4 pts
  5. Sean Philyaw: 2 pts
  6. Gabriel Mendez: 1 pts

Ladies Finish:

  1. Megan Heath: 10 pts.
  2. Ashley Gruber: 8 pts.
  3. Madeleine Pearce: 6 pts
  4. Jane Tullis: 4 pts
  5. Loren Morgan: 2 ps.

Pro Sprint (Alto City Limits):

  1. Phil O’Donnell: 5 pts
  2. Brendan Cornett: 4 pts
  3. Jered Gruber (Tie): 3 pts
  4. Andy Scarano (Tie): 3 pts
  5. Gabriel Mendez: 1 pt.

Ladies Sprint (Crackback):

  1. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  2. Ashley Gruber: 4 pts
  3. Madeleine Pearce: 3 pts
  4. Jane Tullis: 2 pts
  5. Loren Morgan: 1 pt
  6. Sarah True: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Crackback):

  1. Gabriel Mendez: 5 pts.
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 4 pts
  3. Frank Travieso: 3 pts
  4. Jason Bewley: 2 pts
  5. Brian Bonsignore: 1 pt


Jered Gutcheck Gruber and Austin Hans Solo Ulich battled tooth and nail to a dead dog draw after a brutal Pink Church Loop Final Attack Zone that left the Zealots bruised and battered and begging for more. Not even the judges could pick a winner after watching videographic evidence of the sprint finish and both riders were awarded the win; and since it was both Gutcheck’s and Hans Solo’s first WBL win, never have so many tears been shed. The Frazier Firebrand Megan Heath won not only the final sprint for the Ladies but she also snagged the intermediate sprint on the 100 mile, 5-hour day, and rocketed up the leaderboard in the HUB OVERALL LEADER competition with an astounding 91 points. She was also disgusted at the two weeping winners and on the podium told them to “act like you’ve been here before—you’re embarrassing me.” With two rides remaining, the Frazier Firebrand may have built an insurmountable lead. Only Travieso (74 pts) and young sprinting phenom Dylan Cantrell (72 pts) have a shot at her, but they’re trailing by a couple of light years. The real battle may be for the podium positions (the Top 5) and the millions in prize money and endorsements that follow. As former OVERALL WINNER Larry Mineral Man Waters said, “Once I start counting my millions on my second hand, I’m already living in the land of honey dew and sugar cane.” And though Ulich racked up a truckload of points on the day (23), as did Gutcheck (20), Travieso (19) and M Heath (18), the biggest points grab for the day went to the Young Buck Ian Garrison (25). The Hincapie protégé not only won the day in the Non Pro category, but nearly picked off the win and showed why he, along with a slew of other teenage upstarts on hand this winter, are future super stars.

The robust group of 70 or so headed south into the wilds of Morgan County and Hard Labor Crook State Park on the sunny, 65-degree day. The Zealots knew it was going to be an eventful day 20 miles into the ride when they witnessed an obviously demon-possessed band of eight, two-hundred pound wild pigs tear across a fallow field in Oconee County. The devil pigs kicked up a cloud of dust and galloped across the road 100 yards in front of the pack, then tore off across a dirt field on the opposite side of the road in a crazed and diabolical frenzy. Most members of the grupetto were in dumbstruck awe, unaware that such ferocious, man-eating creatures still roamed the earth. But the sight of the running pigs was only a precursor to the horse that broke through its wooden fence as the pack was flying down the J River Road headed to the Final Attack Zone. After shattering the fence, the terrified horse bolted in front of the pack, luckily sprinting in the same direction. The panicked horse galloped in front of the pack for a hundred yards and then veered off the road, allowing the thankful group to speed by: Bullet dodged!

After flying past the runaway horse, Tank Crumly showed why women love him but men despise him as he put the bit in his mouth and rocketed down J River Road towards the Attack Zone with the strung-out pack on his wheel. Many thought he was possessed by the wild, demon pigs, and indeed he may be. When the group turned right at Alligator Pond and the Final Attack Zone opened, the merciless 8-mile Pink Church Attack Zone, the attacks flew fast and furious. It was 1 mile to the intermediate sprint line at the Pink Church and a few of the stronger combatants saw this as an opportunity to launch a winning move.

The group was stretched thin on this arduous first mile of the Attack Zone, a continuous uphill slope to the line that they had to tackle again, and three power brokers finally snapped free: Ulich, Andy Scarano and Garrison set a relentless tempo and tore off the front. Ulich was first across the line and won the intermediate sprint with Garrison and Scarano glued to his wheel. The threesome had a 7-second gap when they turned right at the Pink Church and headed down the steep, twisty Cane Creek descent.

The three tore down the fast, sinewy blacktop and hit the bottom of Cane Creek Hill full throttle. But the chase behind was full bore too and as the chasers flew up the steep, vertical slope of Cane Creek Hill, the front group was reduced to about 20; but these 20 were strung out and a few cracks of daylight could be seen in the line. The front of the chase made contact with the three gasping escapees over the top of Cane Creek Hill and the ever-vigilant Gutcheck Gruber, as he is wont to do, attacked and went clear exactly at the time the others were suffering like red-headed step children who’d been beaten by a wicked stepmother. Gutcheck was quickly followed by one of this season’s regular protagonists, yet another rising (but deadly) young star, Willem Killem Kaiser. Kaiser latched on to Gutcheck’s wheel and the two true pure breed road dogs powered away.

The two flying burrito brothers turned right on J River Road, 4 miles from the finish line, with a 20 second gap, but the group behind was packing heat and burning up the pavement too—Thomas Brown, Brick Dangerblade, Mike Stone, Scarano, Dillon Swaim, Travesio, Pat Raines, Jonathon Atwell and Brendan Cornett were just a few of the salivating chasers hammering behind. Gutcheck and Killem flew down the 3-mile, beveled slope of J River Road, each sharing the load and giving gut-wrenching pulls in a massive gear, but the pack behind never let off the gas. When Gutcheck and Killem turned right at Alligator Pond 1 mile from the line, their lead had shrunk to 5 seconds—it and it looked like their valiant effort was doomed. But the reason why some folks are winners is because they never give in. Ever.

200 meters up the final hill and less than 1 mile from the finish, Ulich catapulted off the tip of the chase like he’d been launched from a cannon. Only Garrison could respond and after an eyeball-bulging, 200-meter chase, he made contact with Hans Solo. The two potent chasers leapt up to Gruber and Kaiser, but these two, even though their tongues were dragging off the ground, had the presence of mind (and the strength in the legs) to grab hold of the speeding bullet as it sailed by. The four immediately started rotating and the chasing pack imploded in the distance in a puff of smoke.

All four in the front group were fully committed—a necessity if a break is going to be successful this close to the line. The four quickly opened up an 8 second gap and were still moving away with 800 meters to go. With 600 meters to go the four were still pressing the accelerator to the floorboard but behind, Traveiso and Dillon Swaim jumped away, desperately trying to bridge. But the four up front continued to work like a well-oiled machine and Hans Solo jumped with 250 meters to go. Hans stood up and stomped down on his pedals like he was noting but an unfeeling, insensitive bastard, which in matter of fact he may be. Saliva and spittle sprayed from his mouth as he tore off to the line, but Gruber was hanging on to Ulich’s wheel by one red hair sprouting from his aristocratic chin and he pedaled furiously and finally caught Hans 100 meters from the line but Ulich was not yielding and continued to furiously stomp down but Gruber was doing the same and he began to slowly move up on Hans’s left side and the gathered crowd screamed GO-GO-GO!” and Gruber barely caught Ulich right at the line but it was impossible to tell who crossed first with the naked eye. And when video evidence couldn’t solve the riddle either both riders were awarded the win. Both riders earned this one too; there are no gifts in the WBL.

Ian Garrison was third and won the day also for the Non Pros, with the consistent instigator Killem Kaiser in 4th. Travesio and Swaim stayed clear to take 5th and 6th and Bam Bam Cornett was the best of the rest. Megan Heath barely edged Olympian Sara True to take the Lady’s sprint, with a gutsy Emily Cox, Madeleine Pearce and Loren Morgan following behind. Gritty rides were also turned in by Erik Gruenwedel, Jim Baynes, Oliver Blecher, Brian Bonsignore, Oliver Quinn, Pat Raines, Wesley Garland, Bob Heath and Eric Murphy to name only a few. It ws another astounding day in the WBL and with 2 rides to go, the Zealots are full throttle now—it’s like a party on two wheels.

Pink Church Finish:

  1. (Tie) Jered Gruber: 14 pts.
  2. (Tie) Austin Ulich: 14 pts
  3. Ian Garrison: 9 pts.
  4. Willem Kaiser: 6 pts.
  5. Frank Tavieso: 3 pts.
  6. Dillon Swaim: 2 pt.
  7. Brendan Cornett: 1 pt.
  8. Attack Point: Jered Gruber, Ian Garrison, Austin Ulich, Willem Kaiser: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Frank Travieso: 10 pts.
  2. Ian Garrison: 8 pts.
  3. Dylan Cantrell: 6 pt
  4. Oliver Blecher: 4 pts
  5. Pat Raines: 2 pts
  6. Huntley Nash: 1 pt
  7. Harrison Nguy: 1 pt

Ladies Finish:

  1. Megan Heath: 10 pts.
  2. Sarah True: 8 pts.
  3. Emily Cox: 6 pts.
  4. Madeleine Pearce: 2 pts
  5. Loren Morgan: 2 pts.
  6. Jane Tullis: 1 pts
  7. Ashley Gruber: 1 pt.

Pro Sprint (Pink Church):

  1. Austin Ulich: 3 pts
  2. Ian Garrison: 2 pts
  3. Andy Scarano: 1 pts

Ladies Sprint (Statham City Limits):

  1. Megan Heath: 3 pts.
  2. Sara True: 2 pts
  3. Jane Tullis: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Jersey):

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts.
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 2 pts
  3. Brian Bonsignore: 1 pt


Thomas Hit Man Brown won his 11th lifetime WBL ride with a powerful mule-kick at the end of a rock-em, sock-em Final Attack Zone that saw attacks flying fast and furious as Zealots tried desperately to launch the winning move. On the final 2 miles of the grueling Flat Rock Road Attack Zone Manx Man covered or bridged to all the crucial splits, playing possum by keeping his cards close to the vest, and then exploding from the front group to take the win over an impressive Ian String Bean Garrison. The teenaged Garrison came close to picking off a win for the second week in a row and because he won the day for the Non Pros, actually scored more points (17) than Manx Man (14). With his last 2 stellar rides, String Bean has shot up the HUB OVERALL Leader Board into 7th place and has positioned himself for a podium position (Top 5). But the Frazier Firebrand Megan Heath once again showed why she is the dominant rider of WBL 2016 as she soloed across the line to take the Lady’s final sprint. Heath has been unstoppable this season as she has lead in the HUB OVERALL competition from start to finish. Look for this young lady to cut a wide swath as she plows through the competition in the years to come. But the day’s biggest winner may have been the Cuban Missile Frank Travieso who won both intermediate sprints and with his 4th place finish, tallied more points than anyone (18). Travieso trails Heath by 9 points and because the Frazier Firebrand’s race season starts next weekend, the Cuban Missile may have positioned himself to steal the Overall Win on the final event, the Gruber Images Go Forth and Hammer Bowman Classic.

When the feisty group of 55 hardcore Zealots hit the Flat Rock Road Attack Zone at the end of the 80 mile, 4-hour day, there were two dozen contenders who desperately wanted to add this WBL win to their palmarès. But no one could shake clear from the powerful group during the first 4 miles of the 6-mile Attack Zone though several combatants were pummeling the pack with body blow after body blow. But, as always, in the last 2 miles, the diabolical Flat Rock Road itself, the grupetto shattered into a million little pieces. The first to light the fires were Jered Gutcheck Gruber, Brick Dangerblade and Garrison as they shot away on the first hill at the beginning of Flat Rock. They were quickly joined by the vigilant Manx Man and the Big O Oscar Clark. These 5 fell into formation and rotated and it looked like they were gone daddy gone. But Travieso and Andy Scary Man Scarano dug into the dark corners of their psyche and managed to bridge to the five enemy combatants with an epic display of power. Because of the potency of this group, they hesitated for a moment, gauging the other’s strength. In this split second Scarano flew off the front and opened up a 5 second gap 1 mile from the line. Scary Man put his head down and hammered and looked to be heading to the greatest win of his impressive career. But the argus-eyed Brown knew this was the move to make and he managed to bridge to Scary Man ½ mile from the line. These heavyweight contenders were pounding each other in a good, old fashioned barroom brawl. And then the 5 chasers started to make up ground on the 2 escape artists but just as they closed, Brown hit the others with his massive mule kick and shot out of the group and took the win by 3 meters over Garrison. Scary Man held on for an impressive 3rd with Travieso, Dangerblade. Clark and Gruber following.

In the fight for the HUB Overall Competition, Dylan Cantrell also picked up valuable points and sits solidly in 3rd. The Top 5 is still up for grabs as J Gruber, Swaim, Kaiser, Garrison and L Morgan still have a shot at the millions in prize money and endorsements that follow a podium position. Stay tuned as the fireworks are sure to continue as WBL 2016 approaches its final ride.

Finish (Flat Rock):

  1. Thomas Brown: 10 pts.
  2. Ian Garrison: 8 pts
  3. Andy Scarano: 6 pts.
  4. Frank Travieso: 4 pts.
  5. Brick Dangerblade: 3 pts.
  6. Oscar Clark: 2 pts.
  7. Jered Gruber: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish (Flat Rock):

  1. Ian Garrison: 5 pts.
  2. Frank Travieso: 4 pts.
  3. Dillon Cantrell: 3 pts
  4. Huntley Nash (tie): 2 pts
  5. Sean Philyaw (tie): 2 pts
  6. Harrison Nguy: 1 pt

Ladies Finish (Flat Rock):

  1. Megan Heath: 5 pts.
  2. Asley Gruber: 4 pts.
  3. Jane Tullis: 3 pts
  4. Loren Morgan: 2 pts
  5. Madeleine Pearce: 1 pt
  6. Kathleen LaPorte: 1 pt
  7. Emily Cox: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Oconee County/High Shoals):

  1. Kathleen Laporte: 3 pts.
  2. Lauren Morgan: 2 pts
  3. Megan Heath: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (Gober Hill):

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts.
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 2 pts
  3. Davis Branyon: 1 pt.

Pro Sprint (Antioch Hill):

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts
  2. Dillon Swaim: 2 pts.
  3. Austin Ulich: 1 pt


Jered Gutcheck Gruber rode a flawless Final Attack Zone as he played his hand like a Vegas card shark and scored the biggest win of his much-celebrated career on the eponymous Gruber Images Go Forth and Hammer Bowman Classic. Gutcheck was part of a six man break that pulled clear with the aid of a bellicose crosswind with 7 of 9 miles remaining on the 85 mile day. Gutcheck and Andy Scaryman Scarano attacked the break with just over 1 mile to go and Gutcheck outkicked Scaryman at the line to snatch the victory in yet another vicious Final Attack Zone. In this year’s classic battle for the HUB OVERALL Victory, the Cuban Missile Frank Travieso patrolled the front of the slobbering herd like a North Korean border guard and scored massive points for the second week in a row to overtake the Frazier Firebrand, Megan Heath, and steal the win on the final ride. Heath, who was away racing on the opening weekend of her World Domination Tour, has led the HUB OVERALL for most of the year and still sailed in comfortably in 2nd. Singer-songwriter-cyclist Bob Dylan Cantrell also continued to impress and locked up 3rd place in the Final Overall Competition. Cantrell not only attended every WBL event this winter, he consistently scored points in not only the sprints, but also the hill jams. Look for this young 18-year old prodigy to continue climbing onto podiums in the years to come. And with their perseverance, love of pain and constant tallying of points, the dynamic duo of Ashley Catwalk and Gutcheck Gruber shot up the leader board and slotted into the last two podium spots, 4th and 5th. They immediately signed a deal with Pittsburgh Steel for a cool 3.4 million. Pittsburgh Steel manufactures catwalks for the bigtime fashion shows.

When the group of 35 diehard Zealots hit the Final Attack Zone at the finale of the misadventure to Bowman, Gutcheck Gruber hammered off the front like a raging bull, and because the wind was pounding the pack from the side, Gutcheck put the grupetto in the gutter. There was no shelter from the wind and the pack was rent into a half dozen different groups, each scrambling wildly to catch the riders ahead. After a mile of brutish pace-making, the front hesitated for a moment and Sean the Fighter Philyaw hammered away. Fighter Man put his head down and wailed on his pedals and opened a sizeable gap. As he took the left hand turn onto Seagraves Mill at the end of Erastus Church Road, Philyaw had a 5 second gap over a strung out group who’d ripped clear from the chasers behind.

As the leaders flew up the initial slope on Seagraves Mill Road, with the wind still punishing them and providing no relief, six riders passed Fighter Man and kept on flying and rotating smoothly and they left the material world behind—they had entered the mystic realm of a potential WBL win. Andy Scaryman Scarano, Gutcheck, the Big O Oscar Clark, Thomas Manx Man Brown, Austin Hans Solo Ulich and the ever-watchful Travieso vibrated with electric charges when they realized they were riding away from the chase behind, and even though Philyaw and Cantrell came close to bridging, the Attack Zone veterans simply pounded away and kept all chasers at bay.

At the end of Seagraves on the hill jam, Travieso jumped clear to take the sprint win and secure the OVERALL win. It was only gravy for Travieso from here in and the half dozen escapees flew down Nowhere Road on the final 3 mile run to the line. The chance of anyone escaping at this point are nil, but despite the long odds Gutchech threw caution to the wind and stood and stomped with a little over 1 mile to go. Scaryman reacted immediately but the others hesitated; fatigue had set in. Scaryman caught Gutcheck and the two powered away. After quickly gulping down four huge gulps of oxygen, the four behind began a desperate chase, but the two at the front were wailing away too. Both groups were full throttle and 400 meters from the line it looked as if the chasers would catch Gutcheck and Scaryman; they were only 100 meters behind. But Gutcheck and Scaryman each gave massive pulls, thus assuring one of them would win. With 200 meters to go Scaryman jumped first and as he scorched to the line with the four chasers licking at his heels Gutcheck also jumped and powered his pedals like pistons and caught and passed Scarano 10 meters from the line to score the greatest win of his vaunted career. Gutcheck gave a rebel yell as he crossed the line. Catwalk won the day for the Ladies though several of the femmes fatales had superior rides (S True, E Cox, K Laporte, H Shell). Scarano once again instigated the winning move from the break and came close to picking off his first WBL win. Travieso took 3rd on the day and sealed the OVERALL Win and Sean Philyaw and Kathleen Laporte once again made a solid mark. A WBL Shout Out also goes to Frank Crumley, Huntley Nash, Natty Dunn and Dylan Cantrell for making all of the ride.

Finish (Nowhere Road):

  1. Jered Gruber: 10 pts.
  2. Andy Scarano: 8 pts
  3. Frank Travieso: 6 pts.
  4. Thomas Brown: 4 pts.
  5. Oscar Clarke: 3 pts.
  6. Austin Ulich: 2 pts.
  7. Dylan Cantrell: 1 pt
  8. Attack Point: Philyaw, Gruber, Scarano: 1 pt
  9. Attended all 12 rides: Crumley, H Nash, N Dunn, D Cantrell: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish (Nowhere Road):

  1. Frank Travieso: 5 pts.
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 4 pts.
  3. Sean Philyaw: 3 pts
  4. Huntley Nash: 2 pts
  5. Scott Morris: 2 pts
  6. Erik Gruenwedel: 1 pt
  7. Frank Crumley: 1 pt
  8. Jacob Fetty: 1 pt

Ladies Finish (Nowhere Road):

  1. Ashley Gruber: 5 pts.
  2. Sara True: 4 pts.
  3. Kathleen Laporte: 3 pts
  4. Hannah Shell: 2 pts
  5. Emily Cox: 1 pt

Ladies Sprint (Smithonia Hill Jam):

  1. Ashley Gruber: 3 pts.
  2. Hannah Shell: 2 pts
  3. Sara True: 1 pt

Non Pro Sprint (191 Ouch!):

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts.
  2. Dylan Cantrell: 2 pts
  3. Oliver Quinn: 1 pt.

Pro Sprint (Seagraves Hill):

  1. Frank Travieso: 3 pts
  2. Jered Gruber: 2 pts.
  3. Oscar Clark: 1 pt
  • MVP: Travieso, Megan Heath (tie)
  • The Hub Leader’s Jersey Holders: Megan Heath, Frank Travieso
  • Ladies in the Top 11: M Heath (2nd), Ashley Gruber (5th), Jane Tullis (8th), Loren Morgan (11th)
  • Rookies of the Year: Dylan Heath, Sara True
  • Most Stage Wins: Jered Gruber (2)
  • Stage Winners: M Heath, Travieso, Oscar Clark, Ty Magner, Dillon Swaim, Thomas Brown, Austin Ulich, Jered Gruber
  • Most Time at the front: Thomas Brown, Frank Crumley, Jered Gruber,
  • Most Time in Breaks: Willem Kaiser, Andy Scarano, Jered Gruber
  • The 970 Club (attended all 12 rides): Frank Crumley, Huntley Nash, Natty Dunn, Dylan Cantrell
  • True Grit Award: Jane Tullis, Jim Baynes, Bob Heath, Ashley Gruber, Madeleine Pearce, Blake Wilson, David Heath, Harrison Nguy
  • Number of Rides: 12
  • Miles ridden: 970 miles
  • Average Miles per ride: 81 miles per ride

WBL 2016 Final Overall

  1. Ian Garrison: 91 pts
  2. Frank Travieso: 87 pts
  3. Judah Sencenbaugh: 78 pts.
  4. Thomas Brown: 74 (tie)
  5. Thomas Gibbons: 74 pts. (tie)
  6. Jered Gruber: 70 pts
  7. Sean Philyaw: 70 pts.
  8. Oscar Clarke: 65 pts.
  9. Ashley Gruber 65 pts.
  10. Scott Morris: 60 pts
  11. Frank Crumley: 57 pts.
  12. Erik Gruenwedel: 56 pts
  13. Josh Smith: 56 pts
  14. Lauren Muller: 56 pts
  15. Jonathon Atwell: 56 pts.
  16. Megan Heath: 56 pts.
  17. David Crowe: 56 pts
  18. Madeline Pearce: 53 pts
  19. Jim Baynes: 52 pts
  20. David Heath: 52 pts
  21. Harrison Nguy: 51 pts
  22. Blake Wilson: 51 pts
  23. Oliver Quinn: 48 pts.
  24. Lauren Dodge: 47 pts.
  25. Jane Tullis: 47 pts.
  26. Nicolas Fedenco: 47 pts.
  27. Thomas Duke: 47 pts
  28. Jonathon Vandezande: 44 pts
  29. Isabelle Nguy: 44 pts
  30. Elliot Caldwell: 43 pts
  31. Jonathon Cooper: 43 pts.
  32. Huntley Nash: 43 pts
  33. Michael Sencenbaugh: 42 pts.
  34. Brian Bonsignore: 42 pts.
  35. Demetry Campbell: 42 pts.
  36. Sam Tullis: 42 pts
  37. Natty Dunn: 41 pts
  38. Ryan Knapp: 40 pts
  39. Andrew Brookins: 38 pts
  40. Eli Hoppenfeld: 38 pts
  41. Bob Heath: 38 pts
  42. Aidan Landrum: 38 pts.
  43. Austin Ulich: 37 pts.
  44. Thomas Morrison: 37 pts
  45. Jim Baynes: 36 pts
  46. Seth Callahan: 35 pts.
  47. William Castrillon: 34 pts
  48. Liam Ainslee: 33 pts
  49. Mike Buechel: 32 pts.
  50. Will Saunders: 31 pts.
  51. Butch Brookins: 30 pts
  52. Brick Dangerblade: 28 pts.
  53. Jamee Stradley: 28 pts.
  54. Andy Scarano: 28 pts
  55. Michael York: 27 pts
  56. Damien Dunn: 27 pts.
  57. Loren Morgan: 27 pts.
  58. Andrew Hodges: 25 pts.
  59. Sommers Creed: 25 pts.
  60. Robert Conaster: 24 pts.
  61. John Butler: 23 pts.
  62. Mark Klein: 23 pts
  63. Willem Kaiser: 23 pts
  64. David Blalock: 23 pts
  65. Ethan Nordman: 23 pts.
  66. Madeleine Pierce: 22 pts
  67. Greg Brown: 21 pts.
  68. Bill Andrew: 21 pts
  69. Gabriel Mendez: 20 pts.
  70. Charlie Carabello: 19 pts
  71. Thom Leonard: 19 pts
  72. Ben Auxier: 19 pts
  73. Reggie Pineda: 19 pts
  74. Ryan Wolfe: 19 pts
  75. Michael Garrison: 19 pts.
  76. Emile Abraham: 18 pts
  77. Jason Bewley: 18 pts
  78. Will Saunders: 18 pts.
  79. Brendan Cornett: 16 pts
  80. Pablo di Marco: 16 pts
  81. John Butler: 15 pts
  82. Kathleen Laporte: 15 pts.
  83. Wesley Garland: 14 pts.
  84. Barry Carswell: 10 pts
  85. Emily Cox: 14 pts.
  86. Nick Gastley: 14 pts
  87. Bill Lanzilotta: 13 pts.
  88. Michael York: 13 pts
  89. Keith Werle: 13 pts
  90. Chris Whalen: 13 pts
  91. Pat Raines: 12 pts
  92. Sean Fincham: 12 pts
  93. Jared Grubbs: 12 pts
  94. Lisa Morris: 12 pts
  95. Ty Magner: 11 pts
  96. Fletcher Lydick: 11 pts
  97. Jeff May Day: 11 pts
  98. Will Goodson: 11 pts
  99. Kevin Morrisey: 11 pts
  100. Kayla Doan: 10 pts.
  101. Dillon Swaim: 10 pts.
  102. Tracie Fernandez: 10 pts
  103. Conner Rjinehardt: 10 pts
  104. Bill Kerrigan: 10 pts
  105. Jake Andrews: 10 pts.
  106. Peter Foerster: 10 pts.
  107. Clay Parks: 10 pts
  108. Dylan Mann: 10 pts.