1. Frank Travieso: 131 pts. 
  2. Mitchell Snyder: 101 pts
  3. Sommers Creed: 92 pts.
  4. Jackson Gilbert: 87 pts.
  5. Andy Scarano: 84 pts
  6. Carlie Cooper: 79 pts
  7. Dana Walton: 64 pts.
  8. Thomas Brown: 59 pts
  9. Tommy Morrison: 59 pts
  10. Reece Latham: 57 pts
  11. Paul Harkins: 55 pts
  12. Alexis Ryan: 54 pts
  13. Jason K Jones: 53 pts
  14. Leia Genis: 53 pts
  15. Brendan Cornett: 52 pts.
  16. Brandon Grainy: 51 pts
  17. Frank Crumley: 49 pts.
  18. John Martin: 49 pts.
  19. Gatewood Baynes: 49 pts
  20. Charlie Carabello: 44 pts
  21. Ty Magner: 42 pts.
  22. Cyril Deseveux: 39 pts.
  23. Ian Garrison: 39 pts.
  24. Julien Ruhe: 38 pts..
  25. Brock Mason: 37 pts
  26. Sophie Zents: 31 pts
  27. Thomas Duke: 30 pts
  28. Matt Tunis: 30 pts.
  29. Anthony Pruitt: 29 pts.
  30. Artem Scmidt: 25 pts
  31. Josh Smith: 25 pts.
  32. Conner Lake: 22 pts,
  33. Dylan Ogle: 22 pts.
  34. Rachel Doxey: 21 pts.
  35. Jonas Walton: 21 pts.
  36. Pat Raines: 20 pts.
  37. Al Smith: 19 pts.
  38. Natty Dunn: 19 pts.
  39. Robert Conastar: 18 pts..
  40. Brad Frink: 17 pts
  41. Luke Harris: 17 pts.
  42. Oliver Flautt: 16 pts.
  43. Lauren De Crescenzo: 15 pts
  44. Brian Schlottman: 15 pts.
  45. Emily Cameron: 15 pts.
  46. Bill Kerrigan: 14 pts.
  47. Jessica Knight: 14 pts.
  48. Mel Dorman: 13 pts.
  49. Bill Lanzilotta: 12 pts.
  50. Thomas Duke: 11 pts..
  51. Dan Holt: 10 pts.
  52. Noah Niwinski: 10 pts.
  53. Reg Penida: 10 pts.
  54. Owen Schnakenberg: 10 pts
  55. Brittany Paffney: 10 pts
  56. Jeff May: 10 pts.
  57. Candace Zipf: 10 pts.
  58. Artur Sagat: 10 pts.
  59. Nick Bragg: 10 pts.
  60. Jeff May: 10 pts.
  61. Rose Levy: 10 pts.
  62. Morgan Stern: 10 pts.
  63. Michael Trivette: 10 pts.
  64. Austin Ulich: 10 pts.

WBL 2022 Awards:

  • MVP: Frank Travieso
  • The Hub Leader’s Jersey: Alexis Ryan, Sommers Creed, Frank Travieso
  • Ladies in the Top 10: Sommers Creed, Carlie Cooper, Dana Walton
  • Top Non-Pros: Mitchell Snyder, Jackson Gilbert, Reece Latham
  • Top 18 and Under: Reece Latham
  • Top Pro, 1, 2: Travieso, Scarano, Brown T Morrison
  • Rookies of the Year: Dana Walton, Alexis Ryan, Brandon Grainy, Sophie Zents, Leia Genis
  • Stage Winners: Alexis Ryan, Artem Schmidt, Ian Garrison, Frank Travieso (5)
  • True Grit Award: Carlie Cooper, Sophie Zents, Jason Jones, Gatewood Baynes, John Martin, Matt Tunis, Charlie Carabello
  • Future Superstar Award: Reece Latham, Julien Ruhe, Sophie Zents, Jonas Walton, Luke Harris
  • Pack Drover Award: T Brown, Cornett, Scarano, Crumley, Harkins
  • The Most Epic Ride: Alto (118 miles)
  • Number of Rides: 11
  • Miles ridden: 845 miles
  • Average Miles per ride: 77 miles per ride


The Cuban Missile, Frank Travieso, stamped his seal on the 2022 other season with a dominant performance on the Alto World Cup and nailed his 5th win of the year, tying a record for the number of wins in one season held for 20 years by the Mighty Mineral Man Larry Waters. Every time Travieso wins he breaks a record and he has also won Alto three years in a row and 6 times total. And just to prove how ruthless he is, and how cold-blooded his composure, and how he understands a champion never gives in, he won the Alto City Limits sprint just to drive the point home. On the Ladies side of the ledger, Alexis Rampaging Ryan had a similar day, winning both the Ladies intermediate and final sprint with a devastating Euro kick. But both Mitchell Red Rider Snyder and Sommers Cash Register Creed were nipping at the victors’ wheels and scored enough points to hold on for 2nd and 3rd in the HUB Overall, with General Jackson Gilbert, Candy Man Scarano and Carly Coop Coop rounding out the Overall after impressive and solid winter seasons from all.

The day began 6 hours and 120 miles earlier and the Alto Zealots were blessed as if they deserved it with warm, spring-like temps and puffy white cloud skies. The temp would eventually warm to the upper 60s and vests and arm warmers were shed early in favor of a little early season tanning, except Pat Rain Man, visiting from Raleigh, who stayed bundled beneath seven layers all day. Other visiting dignitaries were also in attendance for the annual Alto black tie gala including Michael Trivette from Charlotte, Noah Nwinski from Boone, Artur Sagat from Asheville via SCAD, Gatewood Baynes from (the vicinity of) Durhamtown, Cyril Deseveux from France, Dan Holt from Team Type 1, Austin Ulich from Greenville, Sean Philyaw from Lula, Matt Tunis from Uptown, and MVP Jones from Planet Claire. First time Alto attendees Christian Corsello, Mel Dorman and William Guillen were also not just “on hand,” but were also ready to rumble and poised to strike.

The group headed due north to the Ladies sprint at the 14-mile point, a quarter-mile, slightly downhill run and the Rampaging Alexis Ryan edged out Walton and Genis in a frantic sprint at an illegal top speed with the first three spread out elbow-to-elbow and separated at the line by the length of a three-dollar bill. In the infamous Alto Triple Stair Step 7-mile Attack Zone at Mile 45, Candy Man Scarano was the first to move clear on the difficult set of hills and opened a dangerous 20-second gap as he glided up the savage slopes. But as he turned right on the ridge road with 3 miles to go, he was run down by a lead group of power brokers that stayed clear to the Alto City Limit sign. At the line, Travieso jumped and nudged the wily Alto vet Hit Man Brown and in a nod to the days of yore, won the $100 winner-take-all prize. Twenty miles later, on the vicious half-mile Crackback Hill, the most distressing half-mile of the entire winter, 17-year-old Reece Lightning Streak Latham showed the deadly strike capability of a King Cobra as he surged, stomped and sailed away from a poisonous den of vipers and won the severe hill jam with time to sit up, zip up and smooth out his jersey, with Red Rider and the Missile trailing behind with dangling tongues and panting breath. It was 25 miles of relative calm until the group reached the fiery furnace where this day would be forged, the Final Attack Zone and the concluding slugfest of the year.   

When the group first hit the onerous 9-mile Alto Attack Zone the riders had tallied 100 miles and over 6,000 feet of vertical climbing, and now they were expected to race up and down cruel grades. Immediately the pack tackled the daunting Steep Dog Hill and the Instigator Tommy Morrison threw a lit match into the smoldering flame, ignited a blaze, and all hale broke out. The group tore up the hill behind him in an all-out frenzy and a group of 15 formed at the front as they turned right and dove down Erastus Church Road, with a similar size group 15 seconds in arrears. Heading up Seagraves Road and exposed to gusting winds, the group split several times as attacks launched off the front. At one point on Seagraves with 5 miles to go, Travieso, Raines and Brown had a 5-second gap and were threatening to ride away, but there was simply too much horsepower behind and Mason, Magner, Sagat, Scarano, Morrison and Company pulled them back—there were three former Alto winners in this group and each wanted another (Big Frank, Ty and Hit Man). But each time a dangerous move was brought to heel, several went tumbling out the back as the pressure became too much to bear. And after Magner launched a scintillating bid for victory on Seagraves Hill, when the group turned right on Nowhere with only 3 miles to go, only 10 were left up front fighting for the win.

Heading down the fast and flowy Nowhere Road, Travieso rode shot gun and like a hallway bully prevented any serious forays off the front by his domineering presence—this was going to come down to a sprint among 10 for the biggest prize of the year. With 500 meters to go the speed was approaching 40 miles-per-hour, and with 250 meters Brock Star Mason applied a massive amount of toque to his pedals and quickly gapped all except Big Frank, whose fast-twitch muscles are firing like a finely tuned Singer sewing machine. The two fought furiously side-by-side to the line with Mason holding a slight advantage until he glanced over his shoulder 10 meters from paydirt, allowing the Missile to clip him by a razor-thin margin. Scarano, Morrison, Magner, Raines and Gilbert rounded out the podium with sparkling rides. Kudos to all those in the lead group for a sizzling day. Ryan and Creed both finished close behind, one-two for the Ladies, with Genis, Dorman, Cooper and Zents following with strong performances. Shout outs also on the day to Tunis, Baynes, Greenfeld, Crumley and Harkins for red letter days.  

The HUB Overall 2022 was captured again by Travieso after a dominant winter campaign that saw him trample the competition and snag an amazing 5 wins. Big Frank, current el capo in the WBL with a record smashing 22 lifetime wins, also tallied his 4th HUB Overall Win and proved that a 40-year-old cannot only still trade body blows with the best, but can also land devastating knockout ounches. And since Big Frank shows no signs of slowing down, his days of devastation in the WBL aren’t done yet.

Not to be outshone, Mitchell Red Rider Snyder also exploded onto the leaderboard by finishing 2nd in the Hub Overall, even threatening Big Frank for the win heading into the final event. Snyder pulled off his first-class feat by consistently placing on all events and catapulting to the top after a forcing the action and making a dramatic three-person break on the Royston World Cup and scoring plentiful points. Will the Red Rider continue on his trajectory to the top, or will newfound fame and fortune spell his demise? Wall Street analysts predict his stock will continue to rise.

Sommers Cash Register Creed again showed she is the dominant female rider in the WBL, repelling all challengers whether the terrain be slanting downhill, tilting up, or ironing board flat. Creed, who yearly challenges for the HUB Overall, could surely win were it not for globe-trotting commitments which force her to miss a ride here and there. But if the Cash Register were a hurricane she would be a Category 5 because with her strength and stamina she can tear roofs off houses and uproot large trees. Creed is a still-eveloving hurricane too so unfortunately for the others, she’ll be knocking out power and causing all around devastation for years to come.

General Jackson Gilbert held on for 4th in the HUB Overall after another consistent winter campaign. Gilbert can always be spotted in the winning break, and not just sitting at the back, but working like a sled dog and squeezing every bit of advantage out of these winter rides that he can. Jackson has become a regular in the WBL and though he calls Atlanta home, WBL CEO Briggs Carney awarded him a key to the city and made him an honorary Athenian. Of course, he’s already a lifetime Zealot.

Andy Candy Man Scarano soared to 5th in the HUB Overall after an aggressive winter campaign. Other than Big Frank and Sommers Creed, Candy Man may have been the strongest in the peleton as week after week he ignited the winning move with a lethal attack. Scarano’s bellicose riding style saw him come within meters of winning on several occasions and garner the adoration of millions of adoring fans, and though awards are yet to be announced, he appears to be a lock on the Most Aggressive rider of the other season.Upon hearing the rumor, he popped a peppermint in his mouth and said, “Tell em the Candy Man cometh,” whatever the hale that means.

Rounding out the podium with a stellar winter campaign was Carlie Coop Coop Cooper, whose consistent placings were only topped by her grit and determination. Coop Coop is without a doubt the toughest of the Top Six and her resiliency and spirit are Top in Class. Each winter, Coop has moved up the leaderboard and she has already circled 2023 on her calendar. Expect Coop Coop to be back delivering the mail again next year whether it be snow, rain, heat or gloom of night because a little ole ride like Alto can’t stop her from the swift completion of her appointed rounds.

And back slap to all for a helluva year. Year-end awards coming soon!

Pro Finish (sponsored by Bill Boonen):

  1. Frank Travieso: 15 pts.
  2. Brock Mason: 12 pts.
  3. Andy Scarano:.9 pts.
  4. Tommy Morrison: 6 pts.
  5. Ty Magner: 3 pts
  6. Pat Raines: 2 pts.
  7. Jackson Gilbert: 1 pt.

Ladies Finish (sponsored by Bill Boonen):

  1. Alexis Ryan: 12 pts.
  2. Sommers Creed: 10 pts.
  3. Leia Genis:.8 pts.
  4. Dana Walton: 6 pts
  5. Mel Dorman: 4 pts.
  6. Carlie Cooper: 2 pts.
  7. Sophie Zents: 1 pts

Non-Pro Finish (sponsored by Team Type 1):

  1. Frank Travieso: 12 pts.
  2. Rain Man: 10 pts.
  3. Jackson Gilbert:.8 pts.
  4. Mitchell Snyder: 6 pts.
  5. Luke Harris: 4 pts.
  6. Reece Latham: 2 pts
  7. Brandon Grainy: 1 pt

Jackie Crowell Ladies Madison County Sprint:

  1. Alexis Ryan: 7 pts.
  2. Dana Walton: 6 pts
  3. Leia Genis: 5 pts.
  4. Dana Walton: 4 pts
  5. Mel Dorman: 3 pts.
  6. Sommers Creed: 2 pts
  7. Sophie Zents: 1 pts.
  8. Carlie Cooper: 1 pt

Alto City Limits Pro Sprint (sponsored by Socks of Rome):

  1. Frank Travieso: 7 pts.
  2. Thomas Brown: 5 pts.
  3. Brock Mason. 4 pts.
  4. Andy Scarano: 3 pts.
  5. Ty Magner: 2 pts .
  6. Austin Ulich: 1 pt

Crackback Non Pro Hill Jam:

  1. Reece Latham: 7 pts.
  2. Mitchell Snyder: 5 pts.
  3. Frank Travieso:.4 pts.
  4. Noah Niwinski: 3 pts.
  5. Luke Harris: 2 pts
  6. Christian Corsello: 1 pt


Ian Lean and Mean Garrison flattened the competition on the 95-mile Royston World Cup with a devastating uppercut as he scored a thrilling victory with panache and style after a daring solo bridge to the winning break. Lean and Mean crossed to the winning two-person move on the always taxing Hargrove Lake Road while fierce crosswinds pummeled him, and after working cohesively with his companions over the last 4 miles, pipped Candy Man Scarano at the line with Mitchell Red Rider Snyder, the final vertex of the three-man escape, rolling over a few meters behind in 3rd after a remarkable ride. Sommers Cash Register Creed again won the day for the Ladies and remained solidly positioned in 3rd in the HUB Overall, tied for 3rd with General Jackson Gilbert with 74 points. But Snyder’s haul of points was massive because of his double down day, and with Travieso absent trouncing a slew of new victims in South Florida, has now moved to within 5 points of the Lead with one event to go, the Alto World Cup. When asked if he thought he could actually pull off a stunning, come-from-behind victory, Snyder cocked his head back, lowered his lids so they were only slits, hooked his thumbs inside the front of his Spandex shorts, and in an edgy voice said, “Tell Frank the Red Rider is coming, and I’m aiming to run him over.” He grabbed a cold beer out of Garrison’s winner’s box without asking and killed it with one slug and crushed the can and dropped it in the parking lot for someone else to pick up and rode off down Milledge, leaving those of us behind stunned and speechless.

The repellent weather pattern that gripped the Emporium of late finally relented, for one day at least, and only just enough to allow the WBL to host its first World Cup ride of the year, the Reeves Young Royston WC weighing in at 95 miles with nearly 5,000 feet of climbing. There was much to fear along this tumultuous route that ventured into the rippled landscape of Franklin County in the northeast vector of the Pale, including two hurtful crossings of the deep, meandering rift carved by the mighty Broad River, along with a maze of hidden backroads known mostly only to local moonshiners that sliced through Royston and Comer before popping out in unexpected but familiar places. Abd though the sun was shining in a cold blue sky and the temperature did finally rise to an unheard of 48 degrees, it was 31 degrees at the start, and as mentioned, the wind was blowing with a steady insistence with occasional bursts up to 25-30 miles-per-hour, “perfect weather for a winter ride,” hard-ass Crumley was heard to say. Signing in for the 95-mile, 5-hour two-wheeled jubilee, was Steady Eddy Gatewood Baynes, John True Grit Martin, MVP Jones, and the aforementioned Crumley, all who have been present for all 10 events so far this year no matter conditions. Other hands on deck were Paul CC Harkins, Dana Hammer Schlamer Walton, B Man Grainy, Robert Rad Conastar, Lightning Streak Latham, Carlie Coop Coop Cooper, Billy the Kid Kerrigan, Jeff May Fly (shout out for the store stop feed!), Brian Be Schlotman, Artur Sangfroid Sagat, Leia Gentis, and first-timers, Will Law and Order Fleenor, Peder Rolf Sorensen and Don Juan Ortiz. After licking his finger and holding it up in the wind, Hit Man Brown said, “I can confirm it’s cold,” and the pack of 40 hardnosed stalwarts headed down fraternity row, feeling much better that Hit Man had confirmed their suspicions.  

The group headed directly northeast via the uphill sloping contours of Nowhere Road, veered north of Danielsville through Madison County, crossed the Broad River on Wildcat Bridge Road and climbed out of the giant sluice the waters had carved, and once across turned quickly and headed to Royston and two intermediate sprints via a fast, flowy and curvy 5 mile stretch of blacktop called Hannah Creek Road. At the Franklin County sign, the Non-Pros sprinted on a cruel half-mile hill and Conner the Beard Lake and Red Rider Snyder gapped the others and Lake lunged at the line to take the sprint. Gilbert followed shortly behind, with Harkins, Latham and Grainy snagging the final points. The Ladies sprint, Royston City Limits, followed immediately on its heels, so the Ladies only had only short reprieve before the whistle blew. On the slightly downhill run to the line the Ladies were together and flying, neck-and-neck, elbows flapping, knees pumping like pistons, necks straining forward, bikes rocking from side-to-side, and at the line the first four were separated by a short, shiny penny, with Walton nipping Creed, Gentis and Cooper. The store stop followed before the group arced back south and began its trek home. The winds were favorable for now, until the right hand turn onto Hargrove Lake Road and the Final 9-mile Attack Zone.

On the return trip, after crossing the Broad River on the Bowman Road, the group cut down Vineyards Church Road, crossed through Comer, and headed for the Gene Dixon Final Attack Zone, a 9-mile section that features six difficult hills, the last being the half-mile run up to the final 300-meter flat finishing stretch. When the group turned into the sharp righthand turn, the wind, which had been a dear friend for the last hour, suddenly turned into a bitter enemy—it happened quickly and without warning, as if it was a set-up. After a brief breath, the first foray lit out into the wild blue yonder. This early in this arduous Attack Zone, with this much heat behind, and with the wind halting forward progress, an escape is a long shot. But every now and then a gallant effort is rewarded, especially when combined with grit and determination, and one of the riders in this early escape was Mitchell Red Rider Snyder. And though his companions would change, Red Rider would survive to the line, and his mammoth effort would be rewarded with the biggest points-grab of the year.

 As the group hit the second hill of six, Lightning Streak Latham and Andy Man Scarano bridged across to Red Rider, and the three opened up a dangerous 12 second gap on a chase that was being blown to smithereens. On the third hill, the vicious Gene Dixon Intermediate Sprint Hill Jam, Garrison bridged across as Latham faltered, and he surged and won the sprint and kept going: And then there were three: Garrison, Scarano and Snyder with 4 miles to go. But T Brown had shot out of the chase and was only 5 seconds in arrears as they fell down the steep drop. But on the furious downhill the three frontrunners ran hard and Brown was swept up by a powerful chase that contained Cornett, Sagat, Gilbert and Morrison, who were pedaling furiously and only 10 seconds behind.

The three in front continued to pile on the pressure as the six behind slowly clawed their way back, but each time the chase closed to a measly five seconds, the three escapees put their heads down, kept their shoulders to the wheel, and showed experience, class and skill by continuing to pedal, by refusing to give in, and by counterpunching when it counted. Heading down the final 1 mile stretch on Melton Road, the three finally snapped the band and moved clear by 20 seconds, and heading up the 1-kilometer incline to the line, Garrison stood and stomped with all his might and all the Euro Dog strength in his legs, but Andy Man refused to give in and matched Garrison pedal stroke for pedal stroke until nearing the line Lean and Mean moved clear with several monster stomps which nearly caused cardiac arrest, with Scarano and Snyder sailing across close behind—these Three Musketeers had just pulled off the most dynamic break of the year. Soling across in 4th with a stellar ride was Tommy Morrison, followed by T Brown, J Gilbert and Sagat. Creed soloed across for first for the Ladies followed by Gentis, Cooper and Walton. Tremendous rides also from C Lake, B Grainy, Harkins, Crumley, Fleenor, Martin, and everyone on this tough but rewarding day.

In the HUB Overall, Red Rider Snyder has shocked the world and now is poised to go for the win. 2nd through 5th are wide-open, and with massive points on offer next week for Alto, Gilbert, Creed, Cooper, Cornett, Scarano, Brown, Harkins, Walton, Jones, Grainy and Crumley all remain in the hunt. We are locked and loaded with one ride to go.

Pro Finish (sponsored by Reeves Young):

  1.  Ian Garrison: 12 pts.
  2. Andy Scarano: 10 pts.
  3. Mitchell Snyder:.8 pts.
  4. Tommy Morrison: 6 pts.
  5. Thomas Brown: 4 pts
  6. Jackson Gilbert: 2 pts
  7. Artur Sagat: 1 pt.
  8. All: 5 points

Ladies Finish (sponsored by Team Type 1):

  1. Sommers Creed: 10 pts.
  2. Leia Genis: 8 pts.
  3. Carly Cooper:.6 pts.
  4. Dana Walton 4 pts.

Non Pro Finish:

  1. Mitchell Snyder: 10 pts
  2. Jackson Gilbert: 8 pts
  3. Connor Lake: 6 pts.
  4. Brandon Grainy: 4 pts
  5. Paul Harkins: 2 pt.
  6. Charlie Carabello: 1 pt.


Neophyte pedal smasher Artem Grim Reaper Schmidt stunned both the Pros and the world at large as he scored a dramatic, nail-biting win by a thumbnail over WBL veteran street brawler Thomas Hit Man Brown, who leapt away from a lead group of six and was closing fast. Schmidt collected his first lifetime WBL victory at the tender age of 17 years, and Travieso, who holds the world record with 21 lifetime wins, will now need to start looking over his shoulder because the Reaper said “I aint done” when he collected his C-note for the win. Carlie Coop-Coop Cooper snagged the win for the Ladies and now is tied with Cobra Cornett for 4th place in the HUB Overall, only 3 points behind 2nd place General Jackson Gilbert and 2 behind the absent Creed. But if Coop-Coop and Cobra look over their shoulders, they’ll feel Mitchell the Snake Snyder’s hot breath on their necks. Lawd have mercy, with two events to go, including the Alto World Cup, it’s scorching hot in the WBL.

The Siberian Express that barreled across the U.S. over the past week ran out of gas, unfortunately, as it hovered directly above the Emporium, stalling and turning our hallowed humid countryside into a frozen blustery wasteland. The low temperature is simply too frightening to report but the start was delayed one hour and another hour clipped off the rear of the ride, but at takeoff, it was still a frosty 31 degrees. In fact, penguin and polar bear sightings were reported in Madison County. At the end of the 60-mile, 3-hour day the temp did finally rise to a sweltering 37 degrees, but a freezing wind was blowing like gangbusters all the livelong day and the raw air cut through clothes like a thousand icy knives. Only 28 of the most unfeeling, uncaring, insensitive and insolent folk with the blackest of hearts dared show up for this death-defying ride including G Man Baynes, MVP Jones, Sled Dog Crumley, CC Carabello, B Grainy, S Zents, P Harkins, J Martin, J Smith and M Tunis. Pre-ride announcements were called off after spoken words turned to cubes of ice and spilled to the ground.

The group dove east into Oglethorpe County and arced back to the south and headed for the Flatrock Road Loop Final Attack Zone the hilly way—after all, the Flatrock ride is anything but flat. The Flatrock Loop itself is 3 miles in length and the group would ride it twice, tackling the spine-cracking 1-mile uphill run to the finish line on both loops. The Flatrock Loop has only been attempted once by the WBL (usually the group approaches from the opposite direction and does not ride a loop) and the first try two years ago also produced a surprise winner as Pat the Rainman left the pack both defenseless and speechless as he soloed in for a superb win. When this day’s small but powerful pack of 25 turned left onto Flatrock Road and entered the 6-mile Final Attack Zone a fierce crosswind immediately halved the group. The front twelve rotated efficiently and after a mile of all-out, tongue-wagging effort, began to move clear. Heading up the 1-mile incline for the first time the front group splintered again as the strongest riders pushed the pace: Cornett, J Gilbert, T Magner, M Snyder, T Brown, Travieso, Scarano and Schmidt were locked and loaded and ready to fight for fame, fortune, glory and lots of free stuff packed into a cardboard box.  

The group rotated and stayed together until the crux of the biscuit (Frank Zappa™), the final 1-mile run to the line. As the leaders hit the early slope, Scarano was the first to fire a missile. The Andy Man moved clear by 50 grueling meters as the chasers stretched thin behind. After a gut-wrenching chase which forced several to empty their tanks, Gilbert was the next to go for gold; he counterattacked as soon as the Andy Man was brought to gasping heel. But Gilbert the Grape couldn’t claw clear and the 17-year-old super-speeder Artem Schmidt smashed has pedals and finally pulled away as those behind grimaced and groaned but could not gain ground on the Grim Reaper, who was straining and pedaling squares but holding a dangerous 30-meter gap as he gulped a bucketful of air with each gasp. Schmidt could feel neither the cold nor the frozen snot plastered to his chin as he pedaled like two dozen galley slaves for the greatest win of his young career. And victory looked to be his until Hit Man Brown shot out of his lair like a fired bullet, pedaling furiously as he closed down on Schmidt like a man possessed by demon fire and holy brimstone. At the line both riders threw their bikes and Schmidt’s front wheel crossed first in a photo finish. Scarano, Cornett, Gilbert and Travieso rounded out the Top 6 and Snyder and Magner finished with the front group with exceptional rides. Harkins and Grainy rounded out the podium also with gritty rides for the Non-Pros. And though Coop-Coop Cooper won the day for the Ladies, 16-year-old Sophie Zents showed exceptional fortitude, similar to when Judith sawed off Holofernes head, with a gutsy ride and scored 2nd place on a punishing day. Hats off to all who conquered the elements, the ride and the day!  

In the HUB Overall Competition, Gilbert, Creed, Cooper, Cornett, Snyder, Scarano and Jones remain in the hunt for a Top 5 Overall and with two Big Rides to go, the Top 10 in the WBL is wide open. Expect fireworks to follow.

Pro Finish (sponsored by B-Haven Farm)

  • 1st: Artem Schmidt:  6 pts.
  • 2nd: Thomas Brown
  • 3rd: Andy Scarano: 4 pts
  • 4th: Brendan Cornett: 3 pts
  • 5th: Jackson Gilbert 2 pt
  • 6th: Frank Tavieso: 1 pt

Non Pro Finish: 

  • 1st: Artem Schmidt: 6 pts
  • 2nd: Jackson Gilbert: 5 pts.
  • 3rd: Frank Travieso: 4 pts
  • 4th: Mitchell Snyder: 3 pts.
  • 5th: Paul Harkins: 2 pts
  • 6th: Brandon Grainy: 1 pt

Ladies Finish sponsored by Jackie Crowell Sprint Series

  • 1st: Carly Cooper: 6 pts
  • 2nd: Sophie Zents: 5 pt